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  • Administrator
  • Editorial, 25 Feb 2022, 15:14 IST

Monthly Horoscope For March 2022 Our Astrologer Predicts For All Zodiac Signs

Get an in-depth analysis of your upcoming month from our expert. Take a look.
  • Administrator
  • Editorial, 25 Feb 2022, 15:14 IST

With the new month all set to mark its beginning, here's how the stars are aligned for you. Our Astrologer and Vastu Expert Dr. Aarti Dahiya is here to guide you through this coming month. Read on to know more.


Financial condition will be good. There will be cordial and sweet relationships in the family, especially with children. There may be some physical and mental problems this month. Financial gain will be sound but vigilance is necessary for the transaction of money. Spouses will get full support. If you are in a job you will get success and respect in the workplace which will increase your enthusiasm and ambition. This month will also bring good results for the people doing business. You can buy a new vehicle or house this month. You can plan to travel somewhere in March. Travelling abroad is possible during this time. The condition of education will be good. If you are giving any competitive exam then you will get success in it. The speech will remain harsh due to Rahu. Overall, the month of March is going to be normal for you.


The family atmosphere will be a bit turbulent this month.  There are chances of promotion in your job. You will get the support of higher officials due to the good position of Venus. There will be an increase in prestige. Financial gain can be expected this month. There will be profit in business. If money has been invested somewhere, then its benefit can also be received this month. There may be a short journey. You can benefit from your mother. Some auspicious events can occur in the family.



There will be some financial trouble at the beginning of the month. You will be disturbed with excess expenses this month.  And there may be losses in financial matters. There is a need to control the speech. A new project can be found this month which will open the way for progress. Stuck money can be found. Problems like injury, pain can remain this month. You may suffer stomach related problems.  In the field of education, students need guidance from an elder. If you are looking for a job then this month it is likely to happen. Good news can be received from the side of the child. Married life will be fine. There is a possibility of a new member coming into the house. Social prestige will increase. Unnecessary expenses can be a problem. There may be a plan to travel somewhere this month.


There is a possibility of getting a promotion. You will get appreciation in your workplace. New job offers may also come for you. If you want to change jobs, then you can try, you will succeed. The month of March is also good for businessmen.  They can expand their business or start new projects. There will be unnecessary expenses this month that need to be controlled. You may suffer from minor health-related problems like cold and flu this month. Ongoing family differences at this time can get resolved. Married life will be good. You will get a chance to move forward.

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There will be enthusiasm in life. There are chances of getting a good job.  This is a favourable month for businessmen. They will succeed in business. There may be some differences with family members. By working patiently, you will get victory over disputes and enemies. There may be a loss of respect. This month is favourable for you in terms of money. Studying will be good. But hard work is also needed. If you are thinking of going abroad, then it is possible this month. You may be a little troubled by the problem of politics in the office.  


There will be family problems. There will be estrangement with close relatives. Relations with younger siblings may deteriorate slightly. You will get success in education. You can get a new job whereas employed people will spend their time in the work of their interest.  A few ups and downs can be seen in the workplace. From the financial point of view, you will be sound. Income will increase. A religious trip can be planned with your family members. You may suffer from headaches and skin diseases. There is a possibility of injury. Drive the vehicle carefully.



This month is going to be normal for natives of Libra. They will be strong from a financial point of view. There can be sudden gains of money. It is also a favourable time for students. You can get success in competitive exams. There are chances of getting a new job. This month will also be normal for businessmen. You can start a new business and will also get profit from it. There is a possibility of travelling. You can also go on a foreign trip. Take care of your health. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the house. Marriages are being made. 

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The month of March is an excellent period for a career. If you are employed it will bring success and appreciation to your job.  Take care of the health of the family members. Financial conditions will be strong. New sources of income can also be opened. You can buy a house or land this month. There will also be a business success. Students will not feel like studying this month. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family.



The month of March is a wonderful month for the people of Sagittarius. There is the possibility of Money and promotion. Your financial condition will be good during this period. This month you will get excellent opportunities to get a lot of satisfaction from your work. You can get success in the field of art. Writers, painters, sculptors, etc., will have an extremely satisfying time. There will be a feeling of tiredness due to excess work on the job. Businessmen need to be a little cautious in money transactions this month, otherwise, they can be cheated.  Relatives may come to the house. Relatives may come to the house. There may be some anger and tension.


The natives of Capricorn will spend a good time with their family. This is the right time for marriageable people. Your inclination may be more towards spirituality, while some may also plan a pilgrimage. This month is going to be very good for business. If you are doing business in partnership then it will also be profitable. There is also a possibility of making money, especially from abroad. You can get success in business related to land. Take care of your health. Drink enough water, get proper exercise and eat nutritious food. Those wishing to pursue their studies abroad may get an opportunity to fulfil their desire. On the other hand, research students will be successful in their endeavours.


Your morale will increase this month. You will pay more attention to your career. There will also be a business success. You will work towards some new plans. This month you will concentrate on work by staying spiritual. Your inclination towards religion and spirituality will increase. There may be a loss of money. There will be anguish found in the family.  You can invest money in land and vehicles this month. But invest in it wisely. Control unnecessary expenses.


The month of March is looking favourable for the people of Pisces in terms of money. You will get success in the field of education. You will be succeeding if you are looking for a job this month. From a career point of view, there is the possibility of doing a job abroad.  The month is going to be great also from a business point of view. They can start new ventures or expand their business. You may have to face some financial troubles but will get support from your parents. There may be ups and downs in your health. You may suffer from problems like sugar, headache.

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