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  • Jeevika Sharma
  • Editorial

Tarot Card Reader Shares Common Traits Of Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Those belonging to the Scorpio sun sign are believed to be intelligent and trustworthy.
  • Jeevika Sharma
  • Editorial
Published -22 Feb 2022, 15:31 ISTUpdated -22 Feb 2022, 15:46 IST
tarot card reader scorpio character traits main

Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the zodiac. Those born between October 23 and November 22 fall under this zodiac sign which is represented by a Scorpion. 

Those who fall under this sun sign have certain common personality traits. We spoke to our Tarot Card Reader, Jeevika Sharma and asked her to share common traits of people who are born under the Scorpio sign. Read on.

Scorpio Personality Traits

  • Scorpions can be possessive, often suspicious and dominating in nature. These are the characteristics that scorpions show when they are in a relationship with someone. Towards their family and friends, they generally tend to be helpful, caring and sometimes even manipulative.
  • This zodiac sign share a deep emotional connection with their partner when they are serious about them. But, they would never choose to reflect this side because they wish to maintain an ever dominant role.
  • They have a high tendency to go into depression and commit suicide if they loose their loved ones because they make themselves dependent on them without revealing it.

scorpio zodiac sign

  • They are intelligent and manipulative enough to get all their work done. This makes their financial or professional life a little smoother. 
  • They make a lot of friends not for the need of good companions but to use them whenever they are in need. A Scorpio does a lot of favour to those who they meet for the first time so that the other person cannot deny them help later.

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  • Scorpio often faces serious mental health issues as they put a lot of time and pressure towards planning how to get things under their control or to get things done their way.

jeevika sharma scorpio

  • When a Scorpio gets bored they start to fight for no reason. For them fight and argument is a kind of an entertainment. They look for partners who match their level of spirit. 
  • They are not much fond of socializing or traveling to new places on a regular basis. They prefer to stay home and sleep. 

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  • In a relationship, if they are serious, they would be loyal and never leave their partner. They will fight, argue or may not even talk to their partner for hours or days but would never leave them or end the relationship. Towards other family members they are caring. They would always fulfil the wishes of their loved one.
  • They are trust worthy. They would not reveal any secrets to the world.
  • People belonging to this sun sign are good at playing mind games but if you observe their actions or behaviour well, you can play a trick with them as well. 

What are your thoughts on the Scorpio zodiac sign and their common personality traits? Do share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!


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