When we bring plants in the house, they serve many purposes besides adding to the aesthetics quotient. They have proven to be useful for our cooking when we are making certain recipes or for beauty purposes when we need to prepare fresh face or hair packs. They are amazing for air purification as well. But if we go by Feng Shui, plants bring in luck, harmony, and love in the home. So here are some plants that are known for bringing good energy into the house. 

Snake Plants

The sword-like plants are said to serve as a protector. They are meant to be kept near the front door of your house or a large window and do well at the office place as well. These plants bring in vibrancy and channel focussed energy to the space. However, never place them in your kid's room or the bedroom. 

Money Tree

Attracting wealth and known for bringing prosperity, the money plant is one of the very famous Feng Shui plants you can have. To reap the most benefits of this plant, place them in the southwest area of your home.

Rubber Plant

rubber plant

This plant is known to remove toxins indoors and thrives in the dining area. It is said to bring in calm and relaxing vibes along with lots of positivity. Place it in the southeast and east areas of the home. 

Hedgehog Aloe

hedgehog aloe

This plant is quite the same as the snake plant with succulent and pointed leaves. It is known to bring in a vibrant energy and acts as a protector besides known for its air-purifying properties.

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This is an air-purifying plant known as ficus which is well known for the well being of the home it is in and especially when it is placed in the east area of your home. It is a tall plant so it looks great in smaller homes as well. 

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This one is a very pretty, aesthetically-pleasing plant known as calathea which is used for decorative purposes. However, this plant denotes the “fame and reputation” area of your home and is a great air purifier. 




If you feel that there is an area in your house that needs to liven up and otherwise gives dead-end vibes then it is best to place these air-purifying pothos in those corners or spaces of the home. Some even place it above the kitchen cabinets or in those neglected corners. Surprisingly, it hardly needs maintenance and also brings in positive energy to a home.

So which plant resonates with your home the most? You can even gift it to a friend or loved one when visiting their home. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on Feng Shui tips.