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5 Instances When Kapil Sharma Gave Us Most Memorable ROFL Moments

Kapil Sharma is the 'King of Comedy' and these moments are proof.
Published -02 Feb 2022, 17:38 ISTUpdated -02 Feb 2022, 19:10 IST
kapil sharma hilarious moments

Often known as the 'King of Comedy', Kapil Sharma recently came up with his latest show on Netflix, "Kapil Sharma: I'm Not Done Yet" which has been trending since its release. The public, on the other hand, is split on whether the show is funny or not.  If you ask me, the show could have been funnier. 

The reason for my opinion is that because we are used to seeing Kapil Sharma in his hilarious form, which is why a lot of the audience, including me, was a bit disappointed with the show and Kapil Sharma's performance. While his Netflix show did teach us a lot about Kapil Sharma's previous life, here are the hilarious moments from The Kapil Sharma Show that made us ROFL and got him the title of "King Of Comedy". 

When Kapil Sharma Commented On Funny Eating Habits

Everyone in this episode of Kapil Sharma busted out laughing at Kapil's amusing comment on the eating habits. Kapil said, 'People in foreign countries are focused on work, have just left work and are thinking about what to do tomorrow. But here we have the opposite.

However, in India, food stays in our people's mind for 24 hours, he continued. They eat a full meal in the morning, but they are already planning what will be made during the day. After having lunch, they think about what will be made for dinner. They are so fond of eating that they board the local train and, due to the stuffiness of the parathas, occasionally end up at the incorrect office. When they wake up in the morning, they also complain about eating, saying that they ate something improper the night before and that their stomachs are upset. Watch this funny video here.

When Twins Chinky-Minky Left Kapil Sharma All Confused

Kapil Sharma left us all laughing out loud in an episode of The Kapil Sharma Show with twin sisters Chinky-Minky. In this episode, the twins talked in unison and introduced themselves as his new neighbours. They were also complaining about Chandu troubling them. This left Kapil Sharma all confused, and their conversations were hilarious. Check out the video here: 

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When Kapil Sharma Tried Speaking Fluent English

In a Christmas special episode, Kapil Sharma welcomed Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber as the special guests for the day. And, as is customary for Kapil Sharma, the mad house and the crazy neighbours, they ensured to create a laughter riot with the guests. Kapil Sharma engaged in a conversation with Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber in his hilarious english which left everyone in giggles. Kapil Sharma was extremely hilarious in this episode. Watch the video here:

When Everyone Laughed At Fake Asha Ji's Words

In this episode, Kapil Sharma was hilarious, but Jamie Lever was the show stealer. Jamie's Asha Bhosle mimicry left everyone, including the guests and audiences in splits. Jamie walked in as the veteran singer and said, "Pehle ka zamana kuch aur tha, aaj ka zamana kuch aur hai. Pehle Tansen gaate they to deepak jal jata tha. Aaj Sunidhi gaati hai toh Harshdeep jal jaati hai aur Harshdeep gaati hai toh Sunidhi jal jaati hai."  This is one of the most hilarious moments of the show. You can watch it here:

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When Kapil Sharma Discussed News 

In this episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, everyone enjoyed Kapil's thoughts on news. Kapil said during the show, 'Watch anything on TV, newspaper or mobile, strange news is being seen everywhere. A few days ago, news came from Kenya that a member of the Legislative Assembly released such gas in the House that the proceedings of the House had to be adjourned. Another news came from Britain that a girl dated 200 boys and yet couldn't find love, so she married a dog. He went on to highlight that it is a good thing that he cannot say that after marriage, a dog-like situation has happened because he himself is a dog. To hear such funny and strange news, watch this video of Kapil Sharma-

These are some of Kapil Sharma's most hilarious moments that made us all laugh out loud. What is your favourite Kapil Sharma moment? Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment on our Facebook or Instagram pages. 

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