Amid the horrifying rape and murder case piling up day after day in several parts of India, there are many restaurants that are encouraging this gruesome act and making a fun out of it by using sexiest signboards. Recently, co-founder of, Navin Kabra, took to social media and posted a series of pictures of Della Adventure restaurant that is using some tacky symbols. Captioning the post, Kabra said, "An year ago, I went to @dellaadventure, a 5-star-ish resort in Lonavala, and found this sign on the bathroom doors. @irohan told me that there is more inappropriateness inside. Little did I know what was in store."

This post soon went viral and enraged netizens blasted the restaurant on Twitter. "This is just more objectification of women and catering to the carnal desires.  It is crass absurdity on part of @dellaadventure.  Do they need re-education on how to create a cordial atmosphere of mutual respect?" wrote one user, while other user wrote, "Della Adventure’s male restroom interior designs are indicative of toxic masculinity and cheap “click bait” culture. To the men who use them - you are fathers, brothers, husbands, friends of these women and this is how you would treat them?"

And that's not all. They even placed mannequins in the washroom.

della adventure restautrant seven

della adventure restautrant eight

However, instead of apologizing and correcting their mistake, the della adventure gave a bizarre explanation and wrote, "Our washrooms are designed playfully to make guests smile, and many of our guests come smiling after visiting washrooms and have a conversation about the same. It is in no way, our intention to hurt or offend anyone."

indian resturant promoting sexual harassment six

Replying to their comment, one user wrote, "Do your seriously think these are playful ? I would argue that you desperately need gender sensitisation workshops !" Another user wrote, "How is this even funny? Irrespective of the current social climate... the first sign seems to be encouraging eve-teasing... And secondly, how are the mannequins in the washroom not a veiled reference to escorts? This is just 'Gunda - the movie' level pathetic!

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Here are some other reactions by Twitterati:

Some users even came out in their support and called it funny. While one user wrote, "Okay, this is disgusting, but on a lighter note, maybe they are making sure one wouldn't take a peek at the neighbor ;-). Of course, there are cheaper ways to achieve that (like traditional compartments, that are somehow not appreciated in *posh* places)" other user called it funny.

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However, this is not the only restaurant in India that promotes sexual harassment and believe it is something to take on a lighter note. Hole In The Wall is another such restaurant that uses such offensive signboards.

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