If you believe in the power of zodiac signs and how they describe purperonalities and traits then you may be searching theinternet a lot on how to test the loyalty and love of your partner. Do they cheat? How are they in relationships? So here is a detailed low down on how you can put them through the litmus paper test with Shiv Sadhika Ma Vishwaroopa, Astrologer and Numerologist's guidance for HerZindagi readers. 



Aries are direct lovers. They don't really believe in playing mind games. They are genuine and straightforward. Along these lines, they can often come out too strong and sometimes dominating, trying to move the relationship too fast. To test them you can simply ask them to take it slow. Their reaction will reveal their true intentions.



Being an Earth sign ruled by the planet of love Venus you will definitely be getting your daily dose of passion, mulishness and above all 'REALNESS'. To test a Taurean you can observe their behaviour around you. If they are all lovey-dovey, it's all good in the hood. If not there's surely trouble in your paradise. 



Geminis are easygoing. They are great conversationalists. Being extremely good listeners they pay attention to every small detail of their partner. To test your partner take help from your friend of the opposite gender. 



Cancer is a nester. Being extremely loving and kind It's almost impossible for them to cheat on their love. Hence they don't need any testing but to be on the safer side you can keep a check on their text messages as they are extremely fond of people they like and are in constant touch. 

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Leos are charismatic. They are the center of attraction at all times. They commit only when they see a future with someone and they are 100% sure about the relationship. If not then they don't take anybody seriously other than themselves. To test them you can take their friends in confidence and ask them about Leo's true feelings for you. 



This Earth sign makes an excellent partner but only for those with whom they vibe. Being in a relationship with a Virgo you already know their love for soul searching. Their search for truth and love is never-ending. To test your Virgo partner you can put them in a situation completely out of their comfort zone. If they walk the extra mile for you, your relationship is safe. 



Librans are extremely faithful, loving, and kind. They will never cheat on somebody they have given their heart to. There is only one thing that can make them do so and that is insecurity. If you make them feel insecure they will instantly start withdrawing their feelings, ending up being unfaithful. To test your partner you will have to track their whereabouts and keep a tab on the people they have been meeting more often. 



Scorpio in love is a hardball to hit. They are giving in nature. Treat them right and they will be all yours. They are loyal and genuine partners. If you decide to test your Scorpio, it would be extremely difficult for you as they are the most intelligent and secretive. There's only one way to know their truth and that is to make them confess. 



They are very independent and honest. Being extremely friendly they make a lot of friends wherever they go. They are very mature but can make you laugh at all times. Making them extremely eligible. They will never cheat or betray anybody they love. They would rather tell the truth and leave. To test can you can simply ask them the truth, they won't lie. 

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They are highly ambitious and are attracted to the same kind. They are full of passion and energy for their loved ones. To test your Capricorn you can keep a check on their behaviour. If they start being unreasonably rude and stubborn, there's definitely something to worry about. 



They are the most social beings. They are generally the life of every party and they love meeting new people. Being extremely unconventional in nature, they love in the same manner as well. To test an Aquarius you have to pull out the big guns and hire a private detective because they are bigon keeping secrets. 



Pisces have big feelings. They go all out for the person they love. They are daydreamers. They dream about their forthcoming life with their partner all day. In this scenario, there's no need to test your partner. But when they are out of love with you, they can be pretty insensitive, dominating, and passive-aggressive.

Match these traits with your partner and get your answer. 

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