All of us have a mole somewhere on our body or face but usually we do not know the meaning of that location. Scientifically it is said that moles occur when the cells in our skin grow in a cluster and do not spread throughout the skin. These cells are called melanocytes. However, if you believe in astrology then there is a different meaning which backs the location of them all. Let's take a look.


If you have a mole on the forehead then that is a sign of prosperity. However, location plays an important role. If your mole is on the middle of your forehead then it means wisdom. If you have it on the right side that means the person will make a great partner be it in business or marriage. But a mole on the left means a lack of luck in life. 


If you have a beauty spot near the lips it means you always aspire to get ahead in life. If the mole is on the right or left corner of the upper lip, it indicates you're a foodie and are in pursuit of finer things in life. If the mole is on the lips, the person should take care of their health. If the mole is below the lips, then it means that you will have an interest in acting and theatre arts. 


If you have a mole on the right side, it basically means an early marriage and the unexpected arrival of money. But if you have it on the left, then that means there will be a loss in business and sudden marriage. 


This location is all about caring and affection. A mole here on either side means adaptability, determination, and stubbornness. Such people have a thing for travelling. On the right side, this mole could mean diplomatic nature whereas, the moles on the left side represent individuals who are straightforward and blunt.


A mole on either cheek means a sincere, studious person. Such people do not care about material pleasures and are gifted athletes. If you have one on the right, it means a sensitive person who cares for the family but if you have it on the left it means you are introverted and a bit arrogant too.  


belly mole

If your mole is closer to the navel, then as per Chinese astrology, it is considered auspicious. A mole on the right side of the stomach indicates good finances and weakness of women but, a mole on the left it means jealousy.


A mole on the nose is all about high self-respect. This individual is a sincere friend, and very hard-working. However, if this person has a mole on the tip of the nose, it means that he or she is very short-tempered. A mole on the right side of the nose means the person is passionate and, seeks more sexual activity. Whereas, a mole on the left side of the nose represents struggle.

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This mole is above your sex life. A person with a mole here means he or she is honest and generous. When in a relationship, this person will be a true lover and would expect more than just a physical relationship. It also means happy and a content marriage and with their financial situation being on track.  


mole feet

If you have a mole on the right foot, it means good family life but if you have it on the left, it means financial problems and issues with the spouse.


A mole here signifies the success of your children in their respective professions and in their lives in general. A mole on the left side means energy in life.

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If you have a mole on your right hand it means you are someone who completes the task taken intelligently. If you have it on the left, it means that you want to become rich but will always stay average. 

So which mole do you or your partner has? 

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