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    Have Needle Marks On Your Clothes? Here’s How To Remove Them

    It becomes very irritating to see those big needle marks on your fabrics. So, here's an easy guide that will help you remove them.
    Updated at - 2021-07-21,08:50 IST
    how to remove needle marks from clothes

    We all get irritated by those unwanted needle marks on our clothes. When removing a pocket, undoing a hem or getting rid of embroidery these tiny needle holes are bound to be left on your fabric. But there’s absolutely no need for you to worry or think too much about it as you can simply get rid of the needle marks using simple tools from your household. Yes, you read that right! The lost smoothness of your fabric can be easily restored and it can become almost as good as new again. If you are intrigued then read on and discover how.

    Removing Needle Marks From Fabrics

    In order to restore your fabric and ward off the needle marks you will need :

    • A Spray Bottle
    • A Spoon
    • An Iron

    How To Start 

    spraying water over the fabric

    • First, we want our fabric fibers to ease out and loosen. So, start by framing your fabric on an embroidery ring loosely keeping the needle marks in the center, and then fill your spray bottle with cold water.
    • Spray some water over the needle marks and let the fibers loosen. After this take your spoon, turn it around, and start scrapping your fabrics where the needle marks are appearing.
    scrapping with spoon
    • This will take time so slowly go over the fabric from the front once, from both sides, and then repeat the same process after turning the fabric around. 
    • This will relocate the fibers of the fabric and adjust them over the needle cavities gradually. Haste can ruin the project so, make sure you have proper time when you are taking this up.
    • After turning the fabric around and scrapping with a spoon you can also go over the tiny holes with your fingernail. This will help as you would come to know just how much pressure you need to put while scrapping.
    • If the holes still persist then repeat the process a few more times.
    iron the fabric
    • Once the holes look filled, spray the water over your fabric once again and then set your iron's heat as per the type of fabric you are dealing with and then gradually iron over the affected region.
    • Iron(how to iron different fabrics) from the front and then from the back, holding it over the fabric for 10 seconds, and voila your fabric will be as good as new now!

    Some Tips To Keep In Mind

    seam tools

    • Always use a seam ripper tool to remove the seam in the fabric and finally remove the leftover threads from the swiftly and then scrape with your nails to restore the needle holes immediately.
    • You can also remove embroidery using a Stitch eraser at minimum speed. And then make use of tweezers to get rid of the leftover fibers.
    • Further, you should make sure to be using sharp and pointed needles. Dull needles tend to make bigger and visible holes in the fabric. 
    • While using the iron make sure to go by the right heat settings in order to protect your fabric(fabrics to avoid if you have sensitive skin) from being spoilt. Also do not use water and iron over satin and other such delicate fabrics.

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    Try using this method and let us know how it worked for you. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces.


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