Humans sure do love rain but not as much as plants do. After facing the tormenting weather conditions in the hot months, plants eagerly wait for relief with the monsoon months. During this season, the plants also start to grow tremendously.

However, when the rains are too heavy and are accompanied by wind storms, then they are not a great friend to the plants. Also, this means that your plants aren’t getting a sufficient amount of sunlight which is not healthy. Therefore, we are here with some simple tips to help you protect your plants during the monsoon season.

Don’t Water Too Much

water monsoon protect plants

One thing that you need to reduce during the monsoon season is the amount of water you give to your plants. We do know that water is really essential for plants, however, too much of anything can be harmful.

As plants get enough water due to the rains, therefore, you don’t need to water them as much. Just check the topsoil and water the plants only if you feel that it looks dry or the leaves are sagging.

Move Your Pots

You cannot do anything about the plants in the earth but if you are expecting heavy rains anytime soon, then it is a smart decision to move your potted plants inside. This way they will not get damaged and soil erosion will also be prevented. If you can’t move all the plants, then, at least take the delicate ones inside.

Pull Out The Weeds

weed monsoon protect plants

It is a good idea to pull out the weeds after it has rained and the soil is moist. This way you can easily remove the weeds which can be harmful for your garden and there will be no breakage.

Remove The Damaged Parts

There is a high risk of the plant getting snapped and destroyed during heavy rains if it has damaged parts, therefore, it is a good idea to remove all the dry and damaged parts from your plant and keep them streamlined.

Drainage System

It is important to ensure that your garden has a good drainage system whether you have potted plants (indoor plants) or plants in the earth. This drainage system is really important during the monsoon season.

If you have potted plants, then empty the trays below them every now and then, so that the water doesn’t collect and if you have a whole garden, then make sure that there is a system to let your water run off so that it doesn’t damage your plants.

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fertiliser monsoon protect plants

We can surely expect heavy rains (benefits of bathing in rain) during every monsoon season and this water can wash out all the nutrients from your plant making it fragile. If you want to replenish your plant’s nutrients and make it healthy once again, then, it is a good idea to use organic and slow-release fertilisers.

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Loosen The Topsoil

Rains automatically water your plants but it is necessary to make sure that the soil absorbs the water because if the water doesn’t seep in, then there are chances of moss and algae. So, make sure to mix up and loosen the top soil in your potted plants so that the soil remains porous and water is absorbed easily. 

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