Christmas is the time people wait for the entire year. Not only does this festival spread contagious joy but it also reminds the people of the importance of goodness.  This day is celebrated with full cheer and laughter along with family and friends to mark the birth anniversary of Lord Jesus Christ. The best part about this festival is that it is celebrated by one and all, despite the fact that it is a Christian festival.  So, if you are among the people who wish to celebrate Christmas with all the jazz and joy, then start preparing your home for this amazing festival. Take a look at these steps to set up your living room for the magic to roll into your house.

Start By Decorating The Doorways

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Decorating the doorways is a great way to start your Christmas preparations, every time you enter the room, you will be reminded that the festival is arriving very soon. So, for this, start by lining green streamers and artificial vines around the doorway. Stick the streamer using a tape and take it from one end to another. Next hang small balls, bells, or flowers to make it look more attractive. Further, if you like go ahead with two small Christmas trees and place one on each side of the door. Once that is done, hang a wreath made of artificial flowers on the center of the door and you're done. If you don't want to decorate all the doors then you may also just decorate the entry door and that would be sufficient.

Add Wreaths To Your Entire Living Space

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Wreaths have a different way of attracting the Christmas vibe. And that is why we suggest you to hang as many wreaths as possible, just make sure you hang them apart and that they all look alike. If you choose different looking wreaths, they would serve as distractive elements and would spoil the look of the room, but hanging them at the same height and making sure they're alike will build over the Christmas feel in the room and will enhance the unison of the wreaths. Also, keep in mind that you use sustainable material wreaths or the ones that are artificial or handmade.

Add A Side Table

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Indian homes are not usually designed with fireplaces as the weather here remains moderate. So, instead of the fireplace, set up a table and decorate it with Christmas toys and delicacies.  A stuffed Santa Claus, some reindeers, and other such Christmas toys would be perfect. Create a scene using those toys and place cakes, macrons, and muffins on the same table, so that your guests or family members can easily grab a bite of the sweet delicacies of Christmas.

Decorate The Room With Candles

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Candles can literally light up everything, your room, the decor, and make everything feel just perfect.  So, to decorate your room for Christmas, add red and green accent candles(how to make edible candles) for a more delightful decor of the room. Decorate the candles in a small arrangement on a tray and keep three candles in each tray of varying sizes. Finally, create multiple candle arrangements and keep them at different places in the room.

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Hang Other Christmas Decor Items

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You might have noticed socks hanging around in the houses during Christmas time. The socks are hanged for a reason, on Christmas eve, when Santa Claus goes on distributing the gifts, he keeps the gifts inside the socks and if you too, want to get some gifts from Santa this Christmas, then do hang a garland of socks around the room.  Finish the decoration by placing your Christmas tree in the room and decorating it. And you are ready to welcome all the Christmas vibes into your home!

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