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Here's How You Can Plan A Virtual Party This New Year

Planning to surprise your friends with a virtual new year party? Here's our guide to planning it right. Take a look.
Published -02 Jan 2021, 09:50 ISTUpdated -30 Dec 2021, 14:06 IST
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The New Year is almost here and all of us are super excited to welcome this year. Especially when a year like 2021 is finally coming to an end. From fires to earthquakes and other natural calamities to the Pandemic, 2021 was full of it all. So, let not the social distancing norms take away your moments of happiness from you.

To do that, you will have to celebrate this time that you have with the togetherness of your family and friends, and even if you can’t really go and meet them in person, connect with them virtually and we assure you it will all be worth it. But how to actually plan things? Don’t worry we have everything figured and we will tell you how to plan a virtual party for New Year’s eve in 2021. 

The Guest List

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The first step is to decide the guests you want at your new year party. Jot down their names and prepare a meeting link. After doing so, start sending the link to all the people at least a week prior to the party. Create a virtual invitation online on any website and then forward the same along with the meeting link. Post stories/status on social for a week so that all your guests also build up some excitement for the party.

Set A Dress Code And Theme

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Ask a few of your friends to help you with this, then you can actually decide on a colour code along with a dress code for all the participants of the live chat. This will also help in making people more motivated and happy in the new year. Plus a party theme will help you set the decor of the party accordingly. Go for a Bollywood 90’s theme or a traditional theme whatever can bring it those long conversations. 

Distribute Titles 

Giving out titles to your friends will help everyone get involved and in the mood. From Mr. And Mrs. Best Dressed to other such iconic titles will also help you bring back the happy memories of the past and your group will have a gala time talking about it all.

Play Games

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Plan games to play them with your gang on the meet. These games could be anything that you and your friends prefer. Playing games will also get everyone involved in the party and that will be super fun for sure. You can play online tambola, charades, antakshari, etc.

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Cook Something Special

new year

Cooking for yourself always makes you happy, since you get the good or bad result of your efforts instantly. So, watch recipes and cook something special for yourself and ask your friends to do the same for themselves too. Perhaps keep a cake(pineapple cake recipe) decoration competition and that’s how everyone will participate.

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Send Gifts To Your Friends

Send gifts to your friends by ordering them online and attaching a note along with it, that prohibits them from opening them before new year’s eve. Then once you’re all on the call, ask everyone to open the gifts live. This will make the party even more engrossing.

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Sing songs together and end the party by streaming a new year’s movie with everyone. Happy New Year 2022 (in advance).

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