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    How To Make DIY Paper Flowers For Home Decoration

    Here are some ways to make different types of paper flowers that you can use for home decoration. Take a look.
    Updated at - 2021-01-02,11:50 IST
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    Home decor is always very expensive, there is never an offseason to it. So you have to chip in a lot of bucks on making your home to make it look amazing and fabulous forcibly.

    But, what if we told you we can provide you some simple ideas to glam up your abodes. When talking about that, the best and the most beautiful idea that pops up is about flowers. Flowers accentuate everything and that is why we are here with some really cool paper flower DIY projects that will make your home look more attractive and beautiful. Therefore read on and know more.

    Simple Six Petal Flowers

    Paper flower

    To make these really attractive and beautiful flowers all you need is coloured paper, scissors, glue, and a stapler.  Trace out a circle using a glass or a small bowl. Then use this circle to replicate the same circle over 50-60 times, that means you need 50-60 circles. After you're done making the circles, start cutting them out carefully. Now that you've made the circles it's time for the next step. 

    For one flower you will need 3 circles. So, take a circle and fold it into half. Then flip it and fold it into half again but to a different side. You will now have 2 petals from this. Repeat this process with the other two circles and place the petals, in between two petals and staple. Your flower is ready. Repeat this process for making as many flowers of your choice and decorate your walls, baskets, tables, etc with these cute flowers.

    DIY Paper Roses

    Paper flower

    This is another very easy way to make flowers, you will be needing paper, scissors, and glue.  To begin with, cut a circle out of the paper and then create a concentric pattern on it as shown in the picture. After drawing the pattern, cut it out using a pair of scissors from the outer ring to the inner ring.  After that is done, just start folding the circle through the cut out like you're quilling a paper strip. Do this from the inner smaller ring to the ascending size rings till the entire circle is covered. Finally, glue the open end of the rose and use it for making your home look super artsy and appealing.

    DIY Realistic Paper Flowers

    Paper flower

    These flowers are super beautiful snd easy to make and for these too, you need multi-colored paper, scissors, a popsicle stick, and glue. For making these flowers you will have to draw flowers of three different sizes to give them a layer. Then cut out those flowers precisely and fold the end of their petals outwards with the help of the popsicle stick. Do this for all the layers and then placing the smallest flower on the top stick the laters together, make more such flowers with unique designs and petals. This not only looks super regal but also realistic.

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    DIY Tissue Flowers

    Paper flower

    Tissue flowers are super quirky and beautiful. They can be kept in vases or be hung on the walls like a garland. To make these flowers, you will be needing a few different coloured tissues, craft wires, scissors, etc. Place the tissues(twice folded) by stacking one on top of the other. Then fold them alternatively like a fan. 

    Once you have covered the complete tissue, go on and secure it from the center using a crafts wire. Twist the wire and open the layers of the tissue one by one, very gently. Trim the edges and uneven portions using the scissors attach four flowers to make one big circular flower, then cover the wire with a green crafts tape and place the flowers in a vase to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. 

    Make these easy DIY paper flowers and beautify your homes easily!

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