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    Girls, Check Out These Cool Fashion DIY Projects And Ace The Fashion Game With Them

    Here are some cool DIY projects for you which will take your styling sense a notch higher. Here's more to see.
    Updated at - 2020-12-02,17:35 IST
    diy style earrings

    There are so many advantages of being a girl, from being the more pampered one at home to the most stylish and trendy person, girls can be everything they want. But sometimes fashion and a great lifestyle, come at a great cost too, which we cannot afford as students or non-earning members.

    But if you can’t afford it, you can DIY it! Yes, girls, you heard that right. DIY is the most amazing thing to do. You can make things on your own and use them at ease, from home décor to fashion there are a whole lot of opportunities for DIY projects. So, here are some cool Fashion DIY (accessories) projects for you to try:

    DIY Bracelet

    diy bracelet

    For this DIY you’ll need:

    • A needle and a thread
    • A Ribbon (cut to the size of your wrist with extra ribbon at the ends)
    • Uniform size beads(big)

    Taking one end of your ribbon, make a small loop out of it. Pass the needle through the centre of the loop, piercing two layers of the ribbon. Now, add a bead into the needle. And make a loop with the ribbon again. Repeat this process, until the whole ribbon. Now, wear the ribbon and tie it into a know around your wrist. And there, your amazing DIY Bracelet is ready.

    DIY Resin Locket

    resin locket

    For this, you’ll need:

    • Epoxy resin
    • Hardener
    • Locket mould
    • Some small flowers
    • Tweezers
    1. Start by securing your locket mould on a smooth surface (such as an OHP sheet) using a good adhesive glue.
    2. Now mix the epoxy resin with the hardener just before you start pouring it into the locket mould. Fill the mould half, with the resin and then using tweezers, place a small flower in its centre.
    3. Add more resin up to the brim of the mould, let it dry for 24 hours and voila, your cool locket with a hint of nature, is ready to be styled.

    DIY Beaded Hoop Earrings

    hoop earrings

    Here’s all you need:

    • Thin wires
    • Beads
    • Hoop earrings
    1. Beaded earrings are super trendy and really popular among brands like Zara, Westside etc,
    2. They are the simplest of all the DIYs. All you have to do is, string the beads together on the wire and wrap the wire around your hoop earrings. Secure the ends of the with super glue and there you go!

    DIY Headband

    diy headband

    For this you’ll be needing:

    • An old hairband
    • Glue
    • a fabric of your choice

    Cut the fabric according to the size of your hairband. Take a trip of the fabric and stitch it with outer sides facing each other. Now push this strip over the hairband, covering it completely.

    Take another strip of the same fabric and stitch it similarly. Next, tie a simple knot on this one and place it over the hairband. Finally secure the second strip over the first with glue and cut the extra ends. And don this headband like queen to rock your outfits.

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    DIY Bow Belt

    bow belt

    Make a bow belt with the following things:

    • Fabric of your choice
    • Velcro of the same colour
    1. You have to cut three strips of the fabric. One will be of the size of your waist, second will be around 9-10 inches and the last one will be small of about 4-5 inches. You can choose the thickness of the belts according to your preference.
    2. Take the longest strip and keeping the outer side in, stitch the strip. Now, do this for all the strips.
    3. Turn the strips over reveal the outer side of the fabric.
    4. Stick Velcro on the opposite ends of the longest strip. Taking the second strip, add a few loops, making a bow shape. Stitch the bow and wrap the smallest strip on its centre.
    5. Lastly, stick the bow on the centre of your belt and you’re done!

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