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Holi Hai! Go Organic This Holi With These DIY Natural Colours

Here is a complete guide to making different dry colours using natural ingredients and organic stuff this Holi. So, take a look!
Published -17 Mar 2021, 14:30 ISTUpdated -17 Mar 2022, 17:11 IST
Holi colours m

Holi is here! It is definitely the most beautiful festival that we celebrate. But for all goods, there is a bad side too. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with Holi expect for the fact that the colours and extensive dryness cause the skin and hair a lot of damage.

Repairing can take months. But this definitely doesn’t mean that you should stop having fun. Trust us, the fun will surely remain intact and for that, all you have to do is make DIY organic colours using home ingredients that are not going to harm your skin or hair. Yes, that’s right! You can make organic colours this holi and use them instead of the chemical-laden colours. So, take a look at the following guide and learn how to make organic colours right at home.

How To Make Organic Colours

Holi colours

Image Courtesy: img.image.com


  • 20-50 Marigold Flower Petals (For Orange)
  • 20-50 Marigold Flower Petals (For Yellow)
  • Half Beetroot (For Pink)
  • Red Cabbage (For Violet)
  • Spinach (For Green)
  • Water 
  • Corn Starch
  • Arrowroot Powder 
  • Atar (Organic Perfume)


organic holi

Image Courtesy: cloudfront.com

  • To make an orange colour, boil a glass full of water in a pan, add the orange marigold (how to make marigold face pack) petals into it. Let it heat till the colour from the petals gets absorbed in the water.
  • Do this for each colour separately.
  • After the entire boiling process is over, you will have 5 different colours of water, so, store them in separate containers. 
  • Next, take around 4-5 tablespoons of cornstarch and 2-3 tablespoons of arrowroot powder and add to each of the coloured waters. You can add more cornstarch and arrowroot powder if you want to increase the quantity of the colours. 
  • Take 5 different spoons and start mixing each of the colours in their specific bowls. 

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  • Form a paste and let the consistency of the paste be flowy.
  • After mixing all the colours nicely, add a drop or two of natural perfume or attar to add an amazing fragrance to your colours.
  • Next, take each colour and spread it on a plate. 
  • Let the colours dry and solidify. This will take around 4-5 hours.
  • After this, check if the colours have become solid. 
  • Score through the plate to take out the colours and then, grind them into a fine powder.
  • Take out the colours from the grinder and store them in different containers and there you go! 
  • Play and fight with natural colours made right at home.

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With Food Colour

Holi colours

Image Courtesy: ytimg.com

As an alternative to some colours, such as blue, etc. You can take some water in a bowl, add some food colour and then to the mixture, you can add cornstarch and arrowroot powder. Make a fine paste and spread over a plate, let it dry and grind in the mixer and there you go! 

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With Baby Powder

You can also make colours at home using baby(how to baby spa at home) powder. Just take out the juice of beetroot, and other pigmented flowers, and vegetables and add some baby powder to them, make a fine paste and spread over a plate and let it dry for 4-5 hours then again go ahead with grinding it to a fine powder and you are done!

Although using food colour and baby powder will not harm you at all but your colours will not be completely natural. So, try one method for yourself and make your own DIY colours this Holi. 

Are you going to try making these organic colours? Do share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!


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