We have seen how cute and amusing baby spas are. There was a time when baby spas were super popular and all over the internet. Since then their popularity and demand has only grown, but in India, you won’t be able to find any such service as of now except for one in Hyderabad.

India’s first baby spa opened in Hyderabad in 2018. This franchise offers a large set of services involving physical relaxation and the cognitive development of the babies. But not everyone can avail this service. While this is great for those living in close proximity to the place, there is no option for people living far from Hyderabad. So, to your rescue, we have an idea, we suggest you give your baby an immensely relaxing spa right at home without spending any extra money. Take a look.

Why Is It Important To Give A Spa Session To Your Baby

Spa sessions are important for babies as much as they are important for us. These sessions ensure the reduction of anxiety and stress in our body and mind and allow us to feel refreshed. With babies it gets more imperative, because their learning process gets hindered when there is information overload, they get super tense and stressed out and while we are not able to understand them well enough, we should consider getting a relaxing spa session organised for them at home.  So, take a look at how you can go ahead and set up your own baby spa easily.

Get Ready For Hydro Therapy


So, the first step towards giving your baby a great time at home spa is to give him/her a hydrotherapy session. Hydrotherapy is known for improving cognitive skills and the process of physical development. When the baby is submerged in water, he/she can move freely and his movements are not restricted like they are on land. So this helps the baby’s muscles to relax and unwind. Therefore prepare a deep tub with water, and get a light weighted - small-sized flotation device that would support your baby’s neck and allow him to float freely. Get him into a nappy, and then gradually immerse him/her in the tub. Let him enjoy for 20 -25 minutes and then take him out and towel dry. 

Give Your Baby A Relaxing Bath

Using a very mild shampoo and body wash, give your baby a good time while bathing him using soft and delicate gestures. Wash his/her hair and clean the entire body with the body wash. Then using slightly warm water, wash off all the shampoo and body wash slowly and towel dry.

Warm Towel Wraps


Towel wraps are also very relaxing and soothing. All you have to do is heat up very soft towels, using a dryer and then wrap your kiddos inside them. This will directly alleviate their stress(herbs that can alleviate stress)and tension build up in the muscles. Wrap the towels around his/her body and head and let it stay for about 15 minutes then move on to the next step.

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Essential Oil Massage And Baby Lotion Application


Finally, give your baby a deep massage session using very soft gestures and moves. Essential oils(things to know before buying essential oils) are great for skin and hair and moisturise the baby’s skin on a cellular level. So, keep the massage going for 10-12 minutes to make your baby feel super relaxed. Finally apply body lotion and finish the process. Dress up your baby in comfortable clothes and let him rest for some time post the therapy. Good sleep will enhance the results of your efforts.

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