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    Get Your Abode Holi Ready By Following These Cool Tips

    Here are some home decor tips to take note of before Holi 2021 arrives.
    Updated at - 2021-03-02,14:36 IST
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    Holi is the festival of colours, the colours that make our lives interesting, the colours that fill in those empty voids and add sparks to our lives, the colours that tell us the value of happiness and joys of the world and the colours that bring us all together to celebrate. 

    And this time we ought to celebrate this amazing festival with full throttle as the last year it was all ruined because of the Coronavirus, this time there will be double the festivities. And since everything begins at home, let us begin the Holi celebrations by decorating and revamping our homes to make them holi ready. Use the following tips to showcase the best essence of holi through your home decor.

    Understand The Theme

    holi home decor

    When you talk about Holi there is only one thing one can think of and that is countless colours. So, go over the top with colours this holi(home remedies to remove holi colours) And use numerous shades and tones of colours to decorate your home perfectly. Don't worry, just go with the flow and if everything looks too overwhelming then tone it down a little after everything is done. And also, rejoice in the maximum usage of colours as that is our main objective here.

    Start By Changing The Curtains 

    holi home decor

    Apart from walls, most of our homes have a lot of curtains and while painting the walls over and over could be difficult, but installing new curtains and changing them isn't such a difficult task. So, begin with curtains, use printed curtains or sheer curtains of different colours. And replace the old ones with these.  Once you install the curtains, this will guide you how the rest of the room/home should look like.

    Replace Your Old Cushions

    holi home decor

    Well, it is but obvious that you wouldn't want to replace your sofa every time a festival arrives but you sure can change the entire look just by changing the cushion covers. Yes, that's right. If you wish to give your home the perfect holi (home remedies for nails before holi)vibe change the small things and turn them into a colourful paradise. Just choose a multicolour set of cushion covers and you will be good to go.

    Sofa Covers And Sofa Throws

    holi home decor

    Again, the sofa can't be changed but we definitely can change everything around them. So, opt for a multicoloured or a matching sofa throw/cover that goes well with the surroundings too.  This will entirely update your home and make it look like it's new. So, go for a normal cover or you can also get one customized for your home.

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    Table Runner

    holi home decor

    Now that you're updating the complete look, then tables cannot be left behind. You need to amp up your table by each adding a layer of colourful collectables over it or by covering it with a matching table runner.

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    Opt For Colourful Home Decor

    holi home decor

    Use more streamers and DIY projects to add more colours to your home. You can also use artificial flowers, coloured fairy lights, balloons and other such items to make your home look super ready for the festivities. Not only that, arrange everything in such a way that the whole look comes out as one. Use a rug, colourful chairs, colourful flower vases in the corners to lift the look all in all. Once you are done, just make sure that things are not looking too overwhelming, in case they are, remove some things and tone it down a little bit and there you go! Your house is ready for Holi 2021.

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