Amidst this scorching summer, it is impossible to survive without an air conditioner. Air conditioners play a key role in keeping our homes cool during this crazy hot season. However, have your air conditioners stopped cooling the way they actually did? 

This might be because your air conditioner needs cleaning. A majority of people use split air-conditioners in their homes these days but cleaning it might look like a big task. 

You may not feel safe to call a service executive to your home to clean up your air conditioner amidst this pandemic. So, here we thought of bringing you a quick guide to clean your split AC at home. 

Step 1 - Put The AC On Dry Mode

If you have been using the air conditioner then it will have moisture in it. To cleanse it, you will have to dry it first. For this, set the AC on fan mode. It will take about 30 to 40 minutes for the moisture in the AC to evaporate. 

Step 2 - Take Out The Filters

split air conditioner cleaning

Make sure you switch off the power supply and then open the AC panel to take out the filters. Usually, split air conditioners have a lock at the side, open it. You will see two filters attached. You can gently push the filter upwards and then take it out. 

Step 3 - Clean The Filters Under Running Water

ac filters split ac

With time, dust starts to collect on the filters of your air conditioner and if not removed, it can affect the cooling. Take both the filters in your washing area and keep them under running water. Make sure you clean it from every corner. If you see dirt particles, using a sponge or cleansing pad, scrub and remove the dust. Next, let the filters dry. Make sure you don't dry them under direct sunlight. 

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Step 4 - Clean The Evaporator

This one is an important step but you need to be a lot more careful here. The evaporator coil has sharp edges which can hurt you if you aren't extra cautious. Using a toothbrush, start to scrub the evaporated. You can remove the dust particles with a clean cloth. 

Step 5 - Put Back The Filters

air conditioner split ac

After the filters are dry, it is time to set them back. Place the filters back and then close the split AC panel. Turn on the AC and voila! Enjoy cool air once again.

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Tips To Keep In Mind

  • Always wear a mask when cleaning your AC at home because inhaling those dust particles and dirt can be harmful for your health. 
  • Do this cleansing only when you have time for it. This is a long process and can take a lot of your time. 
  • When cleaning your split AC at home, make sure you cover the floor or any area below your AC as dust particles might fall. 
  • These days when our air conditioners are used almost all day long, it is important that you clean it every two weeks to ensure fresh and cool air. 
  • If the problem continues after you have cleaned the filters and coil properly then there might be an issue in the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. For this, you might need to get the cleaning done by a professional. 

We hope this guide helps you clean your split air conditioner at home. For more such cleaning tips, stay tuned! 

Image Courtesy: Freepik