Cleaning your bathroom isn't an easy task. However, it is essential. Your bathroom isn't really well-maintained if the wall tiles aren't clean and shining.

The bathroom is one space that is used multiple times a day. Because the space is damp, it is more likely to invite harmful bacteria and fungus. With time, harmful bacteria, dirt starts to accumulate on the bathroom tiles. 

If you don't keep the bathroom tiles clean, you are putting the health of your family members at stake. It is important to you have a hygienic, germ-free bathroom for use all the time. So, how do you clean the bathroom tiles?

Here, we thought of bringing you an easy guide which will help you clean your bathroom tiles quickly. 

Use A Mix Of Vinegar And Water

White vinegar is effective in cleaning bathroom tiles. In a mug, add some water and white vinegar in equal amounts. Mix well. Transfer this mix to a spray bottle or simply use a cloth to wipe the bathroom tiles with this cleaning mixture. 

Wipe The Tiles With Lemon Juice

cleaning bathroom tiles

The bathroom tiles start to lose their shine after some time and look dirty. Lemons are acidic in nature and a great cleaning agent. You can fill a spray bottle with some lemon juice and use it directly on the walls. Wipe with a damp sponge and you will see the tiles instantly shine. 

You can also dip a clean sponge in a bowl full of lemon juice and then scrub the tiles with this mixture. Follow with rinsing the tiles with warm water. 

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Remove Dirty Spots With Baking Soda

easy tips cleaning bathroom tiles

If there are spots on the bathroom tiles, especially the ones at the bottom, you can clear them up with baking soda. Baking soda is another effective cleansing agent. 

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In a bowl, take some baking soda. Dip a damp sponge into the baking soda and scrub the dirty tiles. Keep for a few minutes and then clean with a cloth dipped in warm water. 

We hope these quick cleaning hacks help you clean your bathroom tiles. Here are a few more tips that will help you keep the tiles clean and well-maintained. 

  • To prevent dirt from taking over the bathroom tiles, it is important you keep the space dry. It is a good idea to get an exhaust fan installed in the bathroom. They help take away the moisture from the area and keep the bathroom dry. 
  • Do not wait for the bathroom tiles to go very dirty. Clean them regularly. If you see a spot on the tile, clean it right away. You can use regular washing soap to clean the bathroom tiles from time to time. 
  • Don't leave the bottom area while cleaning the bathroom tiles. They can be hard to clean but if you leave them as is, they can get way dirtier. Always work from top to bottom. To ease it, make a schedule to clean the tiles once a week or month.

You can always get professional help to get the bathroom tiles cleaned if you are unable to cleanse it properly. However, maintaining a regular cleaning cycle will help. 

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