A buddha statue today is present in almost all homes if not for a religious reason then for decor purposes. There are different poses of Lord Buddha who stand for different virtues in life. But which one should you be getting for yourself is the question. Another important thing is the placement of the statues because as per Feng Shui, the wrong placement can also bring in bad luck. Even if you do not believe in it, what is the harm in placing them in another direction? Take a look for a better understanding. 

Protection & Blessing: Buddha Seated With One Hand Raised In Blessing Gesture


If you want Lord Buddha's protection and blessings then this is the right statue to invest in. This posture has two meanings but they are definitely entwined. The raised hand is a shield which keeps danger and negativity at bay which means protection. The other is inviting peace at home and overcoming fear. Place this statue on the main entrance of the house with the Lord facing the doorways. 

Internal Harmony: Nirvana Or Reclining Lord Buddha

Who does not struggle with inner peace in this fast and crazy world? Get yourself a lovely statue of Lord Buddha in this posture which denotes the last moments of Gautam Buddha's mortal life. This was just before he achieved the freedom from the cycle of rebirth. This posture is said to encourage people who are seeking internal harmony. Make sure this statue is facing the West direction and reclines to the right.

Peace & Meditation: Meditating Buddha


This posture of Lord Buddha has the Lord seated with his legs folded, hands on the lap and face up which his eyes fully or partially closed while he meditates. Get yourself this statue if you wish to meditate and place it in a quiet corner of the house. You can also place candles and burn incense around when you want to meditate yourself and draw inspiration for Lord Buddha.

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Enlightenment: The Bhumisparsha Buddha 

This statue is among the most famous poses of Lord Buddha. It is the symbol of his enlightenment. The story is that when Gautam Buddha was meditating for years, demon Mara tried to scare him. However, Lord Buddha overcame the temptation to react and just touched the ground to ask the Earth Goddess to witness his moment of enlightenment. Place this form of Lord Buddha towards the East direction where the sun rises, representing eternal knowledge. 

Positivity: Praying Buddha

Who doesn't need positivity in life? Well, I do and the posture of praying Buddha is what is recommended. This statue is all about faith and devotion and perfect when placed in a pooja room or an altar in a neat and clean place. When you place this statue, light candles or lamps around which helps to bring in positivity. However, keep in mind that you do not place anything related to Buddha below the eye level as he is a spiritual teacher and it is disrespectful. 

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Spiritual Growth: Garden Buddha

Keep this statue of Buddha in your garden or the balcony especially if you like to sit and relax here. Try to place it near a water body or a flowering plant as that stands for channeling spiritual growth and helps in rejuvenation. 

Self Knowledge: Buddha Bust


This statue is not at all associated with a significance to Lord Buddha's life but it is very famous and people love to invest in it. It is in fact associated with self-knowledge in a way and is an art form truly appreciated. There are no rules to the placement of this statue but do not place it in the bathroom, storeroom or laundry rooms. 


So go on and invest in the right statue and pose of Lord Buddha, channel in the right energies. 

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