We all surely want our homes to be as clean as possible because who wants to live in dirt. Although we want it cleaned but actually doing the chores seems to be a really difficult task. 

Along with this, we tend to make some mistakes that make it even harder and time consuming. So, here are some common mistakes that we all have been making but should stop immediately.

Not Cleaning The Cleaning Appliances

machine cleaning mistakes 

You all must think that cleaning appliances like vacuum cleaners, washing machines and others have been designed to clean, so what is the need to clean them? Well, there is a need because you don’t clean these appliances, then instead of cleaning, these tools will just end up making your things dirty.

Instead of wasting your time and energy along with resources like water, clean these appliances in order to make everything in your home spotless and shiny.

Postponing Your Everyday Chores

We often get lazy and leave things for the next day or the weekend. However, instead of actually doing the little chores on a daily basis, we just end up piling lots of work for the weekend which makes it even more difficult to complete all the tasks.

So, declutter your every room, keep the kitchen counters cleared and sanitized and put away the dirty laundry on a regular basis. Also, if you have some extra free time, then clean other things as well which need to be cleaned once in a while but we end up forgetting them.

Using Dirty Cleaning Cloths Or Rags

rag cleaning mistakes

If you are going to clean the counters, shelves and windows with a dirty cloth, then it is obviously not going to make any difference. This not only makes the surface streakier but also spreads bacteria.

Cleaning In The Wrong Order

Yes, there is also a proper way suggested for cleaning. We know it is already not a fun task and rules make it even less fun but you have to follow the correct method in order to not end up dirtying the space you spent hours cleaning.

So, first, you need to put everything in place before you actually start cleaning. Once this is done, start from the top and work your way down. You don’t want your floors to get dirty after cleaning them thoroughly from the dust accumulated while cleaning the ceiling fans or top shelves.

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Not Involving Kids

children cleaning mistakes

We surely can’t expect kids to do elaborate cleaning tasks, however, they can be a helping hand in many ways with much smaller tasks. You can give them chores like folding the clothes or putting the dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

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It is also a great idea to make them do their own little chores like keeping away the toys or making their own bed. You can keep increasing the frequency of chores as they grow up. The kids might not like it and complain a lot but you will have to just bear with it as they will only thank you later in life. 

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