With this lockdown going on we all are facing some or the other issues and it is also for the greater good that it is required of us to be patient. Some of you who are now on work from home and are dealing with the entire family with their own demands individually may be losing it and might have become frustrated. It is but natural and understandable that you have short-tempered people in the house with whom you were dealing only a few hours a day but now it is 24*7 for a while. So don't worry, here are some tips on how can you handle them without feeling exhausted or pressurised. 

Recognise The Triggers

The first and foremost thing you have to do here is understanding and recognise what is triggering that temper. Voice your feelings to each other but don't get judgemental. Once you understand that it will be easier to handle the respective anger issues.

Take A Step Back

Most importantly, if the other person is angry, it is you who has to keep your cool and allow your partner to cool down. It is best to step aside. let them take it out and then cool down. Once the outburst is over, the person himself or herself will calm down and even apologise directly or in some or the other way. Giving space is important. 

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Keep Attitude Under Check


Sometimes it os your own behaviour or attitude that ticks of or triggers the person's anger. This is a basic understanding that fighting fire with fire will never calm things down. The problems will forever stay unresolved. It is important that you manage your emotions to prevent an outburst from the hot-tempered one

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Your patience is a virtue, heard of it before? You have to have patience if the other does not have. You have to handle the other's personality with patience so as to keep the waters calm. I am not saying that you have to approve of every outburst of theirs but the key to deal with this is to avoid responding with equally nasty comments which you are well aware, might just cannonball into something major. Mind you, you can never take back your words. 

Encourage Them Towards Change

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Lastly, if you can, then help your partner in calming down. Advice then to take a deep breath, maybe some meditation in the morning every day could prove to be an effective solution altogether.  Also one key point, you have to inform your partner or friend that their anger sure effects you sometimes but more than that, this has ill-effects on their heart, and can lead to complications.