Do you feel your temper flaring when your boss gives you extra work? Or do you fume when your mother-in-law nags you after a hectic day? Or does your blood pressure shoot up when someone overtakes you in traffic? Feeling angry is normal and in fact, healthy, as long as you're dealing with it in a positive way. But, if it gets out of control or starts controlling you, it can lead to unhappiness or a mental health condition. So, here are 9 easy ways to help you control your temper. 

Take A Walk

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If you feel your temper slowly rising, go for a walk. This method will divert your mind and will stop you from reacting in an irrational manner.

Listen To Music

When you are down with emotions or stressed out, then listening to your favourite songs can calm you down. So, next time you get angry, just plug in your earphones and listen to your favourite songs. 

Take Deep Breaths

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Generally, when we are angry, our breathing speed up and becomes shallower. So, you can reduce your anger by taking deep breaths.

Talking It Out

Sometimes it's okay to share how you are feeling, instead of piling it up inside. Though outbursts will not solve anything, but it will calm you, or who knows, you might end up finding a solution to your problem.

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Do Yoga

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When everything feels wrong and you can't stop yourself from thinking about it, perform some yoga asanas to calm your mind. According to experts, yoga can help you manage your anger.

Recite A Calming Phrase

When you get angry, start reciting calming phrases like 'take it easy' or 'everything is going to be alright' to calm yourself. Reciting these phrases will help you to vent out your emotions and frustrations. 

Squeezing A Stress Ball

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Squeezing a stress ball is one of the easiest ways to control your temper. It can help you to vent out your emotions and frustrations.

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Understand What Triggers You

If you’ve gotten into the habit of losing your temper, start noticing what exactly it is that is making you angry. Long lines, traffic jams, mother-in-law nagging, or being overtired are just a few things that can make you fume!

Know When To Seek Help

If you regularly feel like you can’t control your temper, and you believe it is negatively impacting you, seek professional help so you can control it. 

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