Cats are absolutely amazing pets; independent, inquisitive and smart. If you own a cat then you know how royal yet funny they are. You will fall in love with this cute felines once you hold their tiny little paws. 

Once you become a cat owner you will never look back because this little fur ball will have you wrapped around her finger. But before you own a cat or any pet you must first be sure that you want to get a kitten or adopt one. If you are getting a kitten make sure you have everything settled before you bring the bundle of joy home.

By nature these felines are curious so make sure you lock you cabinets or else the next time you open your supply drawer there is a kitten with flour all over her. Here we have a list of cat breeds you’ll love to take home.



Ragdolls are absolutely stunning cats who look regal in the most royal sense. The most striking feature of this cat is their beautiful blue eyes which almost look like crystals. This breed like luscious fur and a strong muscular build so try not to fight with a Ragdoll. This is an American breed which is well known for its sweet nature and amazing temperament. 

They almost act like humans especially communicating with soft mews. If you love a bit of cat loving then Ragdoll is foe you because this sweet little angel will follow you around the whole house and ask for scratchies.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons

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We are in the big leagues now because Maine Coons are big fur balls; almost the size of a small dog. These felines look like they have been through a trek with the luscious wild fur and big bright eyes. 

The Maine Coons have a doll face and ready to pounce on you for hugs and cuddles. The main reason why they are so popular is because of their friendly personality. If you are a dog lover then fear not because Main Coons love chilling with the dogs and act like a happy loving dog. So if you love cats but also want a dog then Main Coons are for you.

Persian Cat

persian cat

Oh the royal Persian cats are some of the most well known cat breeds in the world. If you think cats are sassy and dramatic in general then the Persian cats is the queen of all cats in that department. These cats will watch you work as if the are the owner of the house.

Persians come in two types i.e punched face and doll faced. You might remember the grumpy cat; punched face cats are like that and doll faced are more like Ragdolls or Maine Coon. Persian cats are very independent but also sweet and loving; so if you want a not so clingy pet who also is sweet and loving then Persian cats are for you.

The Scottish Fold

scottish fold

If you have never seen a Scottish Fold then you are missing out on this cute looking villain kitty. Scottish Folds have downward folded ears unlike any other cat which makes the cat look like either they are plotting your demise or they saw something traumatic. They look quite cute and funny especially when they make funny faces smelling lemon or anything funky.

Don’t worry though because these kittens are not planning your demise since this breed of cats is extremely attached and are absolutely obsessed with their owner. There are going to be days where the Scottish Fold will just sit on top of your laptop and demand for hugs before you start working.

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British Shorthair

british shorthair

British short hairs are cute little fluffy looking round balls of fur. These cats are popular for their cuteness and balanced nature. These cats are not too clingy nor too independent. They are the embodiment of fluffy purrfection and balance.

This breed of cats love to play with both children and adult but are not the breed who loves being carried around a lot unlike Maine Coons. This breed will surely sit on your lap and purr for head rubs but then leave once it is content.

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