Cats are some of the smartest,most curious animals. If you hide a cat’s at treat somewhere; the little menace is sure to find it faster than a dog and find a way to get it out before you can say ‘stop-‘. If you have a cat as a pet then congratulations! You are now subscribed to a lifetime of kitty cuddles, meowing and sass.

Dogs are phenomenal pets but when it comes to having a starter pet; cats take the cake, quite a lot like Charmander being everyone’s favourite starter Pokemon. It is not because cats are cute and royal at the same time but because they are quite adjusting in their nature. Be it a vocal cat or a quiet one, they all can adapt to their environment easily.

Cats Are Clean Freaks

Cats are as much of clean freaks as our mothers. If you get or adopt a cat then you will see that cats love to clean themselves 24/7; you might even see your kitten fall asleep while cleaning herself. Unlike dogs, cats will clean themselves and you just need to give them a bath once very 2 weeks. 

They are so clean that they have their personal little washroom a.k.a the litter box where they do their business. A cat unlike dogs would never pee or poop on the floor and would only do it in the litter box keeping your house clean and you; stress free.

Cats are the best starter pets

Cats Are Not Extremely Vocal

Cats unlike dogs aren’t vocal or vocal at all. Cats tend to keep to themselves and rarely vocalised. The most a cat will get vocal when they want something from you and even then they mostly rub themselves against your leg to convey the message. The most vocal cat will surely be less vocal than a barking dog.

You don’t have to worry about loud animalistic noises when the mailman comes or when a car passes by your house because cats surely will not be chasing the cars or meowing at the mailman. Though cats can get quite vocal if you confine them somewhere they don’t like but then again so would we. 

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Cats Are Mostly Indoor Pets

Cats are indoor pets but if you train them to go out and walk on a leash they can turn into outdoor pets too! But mainly cats are homebody who loves to lounge on the sofa or if you are working then on your laptop. 

If you are an introvert or someone who works from home then cats are the pet for you as they would love to cuddle next to you or just lounge next to you on the sofa while you watch Netflix or work.

Cats Are Cheaper Than Dogs

If we compare the prices and maintenance price of a cat vs one of a dog; we can see that dogs are by far way more expensive than a cat. If a dog costs 20,000₹ then a cat will just cost 10,000₹ or 15,000₹. 

why are cats the best pets

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Cats Are Independent 

If we are talking about independence then our majestic felines rule them all. Cats are extremely independent and if you are a busy person hen cats are the pet for you. Cats don’t require 24/7 attention like a dog and they can be left alone for a longer period of time. In fact cats enjoy their time alone and use it to tend to themselves either cleaning or sleeping.

If you are thinking of getting a starter pet then the independent cat is the pet for you.


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