If you believe in Feng Shui then you must be knowing that the dragon is considered an extremely auspicious and powerful symbol of male energy. Most of the time, the Feng Shui dragon has a pearl or a crystal which translates to wealth, power and many other positive opportunities.

Available in different colours, materials, and sizes, these dragons are gifted as a cure for love related issues, wealth and luck. According to Feng Shui, a green dragon is considered good for health while a golden dragon for prosperity. It can be placed anywhere in the house, however with a few restrictions.

Never place them where there is low energy like the bathroom, your closet, or the garage and do not keep many of them either inside the house. The maximum number of dragons you can have is 5. 

One more key rule to keep in mind is that the dragon should never be placed above the eye level. 

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Feng Shui Dragon for Love

phoneix dragon

If we are talking about love and relationship, then always place the Feng Shui dragon with the Feng Shui phoenix. The dragon and phoenix make a couple and that is good for marital bliss.

Directions & Placement Of Feng Shui Dragon

It is actually true that every person has his or her own lucky direction. Place the dragon where you feel is your lucky spot but make sure it is in an open space where there is positive energy and a good Chi flow (Qi or Chi is the energy of life, a balanced Yin and Yang, which is said to flow through all creations). It must face the house and should not be placed outside of it.

red crystal dragon

Do not place the dragon facing the wall and make sure that the dragon's claw, which has the crystal and pearl, do not face the door or window.

Never place other Feng Shui cures with the Feng Shui dragon. The powers of the Feng Shui dragons are magical. Though this dragon has potent energy, it can still turn to be harmful if not placed with caution. So give enough space to the dragon and be respectful.  

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Feng Shui Dragon Benefits

feng shui

Symbol of love and power, Feng Shui dragons exude a lot of positive energy which makes them very powerful gifts for your loved ones. For elders they give wisdom and when placed in business places, they are said to bring growth and luck.

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For children, the dragon protects them from harm. They surround the family members with protective energy on the move and guard the home against all evils. They can bring strength, luck, and good fortune.

To attract success and wealth, your career area should have a dragon placed in the east direction.

Even when it comes to picking the right dragon colour, it should be according to what you want. Of those available, the turquoise, red, and golden dragons are very popular.

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