If you believe in Feng Shui or simply gifting your friends and family, something which you believe may bring them luck or love then we have something for you. This list will help you in guiding what you must get them as a house warming or gift or just a little something when you meet them or go over to their place. 


There is a theory behind gifting candles as per Feng Shui. All 5 elements which make Feng Shui are wood, earth, fire, water and metal with each having its own property and are associated with each other. Wood makes fire, Fire makes earth, the earth gives metal, metal is the holder of water which water nurtures the wood. Here candles is considered a strong representative of fire in homes. The flame of a candle is a symbol of energy and also a destroyer of negativity. 

However, when you gift it, do let the receiver know that the position of the candles is very important. It should be kept in any of the four directions: Center, North-East, Soth, South-East. Also, the colour of the candle plays a major role. Like fire can be represented via orange, red, purple, pink, orange, and yellow. Avoid ombres.


This may sound weird but there is a connotation involved in this. Salt is in fact considered among the best gifts as per Feng Shui. It is said to cleanse the energy in the house. Gift it in a nice pretty box or jar and do not forget to explain it to the receiver that they must sprinkle the salt on the floor, especially in the corners, and let it be there for 24 hours. 

The salt which is also considered a crystal is said to absorb the energies of the people who lived in the place and cleanses it. Once the day is over, clean it up and get rid of the contaminated salt.


This gift item is considered a spiritual guide. Be it at home or office, gift the person a typical Feng Shui compass which is different from normal ones. It must be divided into 24 directions and to make the receiver understand the gift better, get them an instructions book as well with it. 


feng shui plant

In today's time when all else looks glum, a plant is a refresher that everyone welcomes. But there is a variety that goes in sync with Feng Shui like a palm plant, rubber plant or bamboo. The best is bamboo as it takes less care and can grow in any amount of light. 

These plants are said to be good purifiers and bring good energy or qi around you. Gift this either in the end or beginning of the year or a month. Plants also symbolise a healthy beginning for the recipient.

Gift A Pair


This gift fits a couple. Always get them something in a pair. It is considered bad if a couple keeps single items in their bedroom as per Feng Shui as they are said to be bringers of solitude. Two stands of a pair, acknowledging each other. Also, try to gift it in red a colour that stands for passion. 

Wind Chimes

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It is not just the pretty sound wind chimes make, they also have significance. Chimes ward off evil or negative energy when placed outside a house. It can be made of different materials and depending upon the goal, it should be placed in different locations. 

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Ask the person you are gifting it to, what is most important to him or her. For example, a Chi Lin wind chime is for protection, a mystic knot is for positive energy, a clay wind chime with two hearts is good for love and it is recommended to be placed in the southwest corner of the lawn or garden or balcony). 

So which gift idea is resonating with you? What do you plan on getting your loved one?

Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such ideas and a better understanding of Feng Shui.