Dreams are one of the most enigmatic yet exciting experience of our life. We don’t know much about it but we are extremely curious as to what is the science behind these dreams. Every little detail about dreams excite us. 

Although, dreams are somewhat mysterious but have played a very important role in our lives. In earlier days, most of the governing decisions are taken through dreams. Also, many art works have been inspired by dreams. If you are eager to know more about dreams, then read ahead. 

Blind People Also Dream

People who lose their eyesight after birth can see visuals in their dreams. However, people who are blind since birth cannot see visuals in their dreams but they can dream. Their dreams are as vivid as others using their other sensory organs such as smell, taste, touch and hearing. 

Some People Dream In Black & White

dream facts black white

It was found in a survey that 12% of the people dream in black and white. This number was higher between 1915 and 1950’s but it began to decrease after 1960’s. However, today only 4.4% individuals under the age of 25 dream in black and white while majority of people above 50 dream in black and white. This evolution is linked to the change of media from black and white to colour. 

Men And Women Dream Differently

A difference has been seen in both men and women’s dream. About 70% of the appearances in a man’s dream is of men. On the other hand, women have around the same number of men and women in their dreams. Also, men have more aggressive dreams as compared to women. 

Animals Dream

dream facts animal

There have been several studies conducted on different animals to confirm this and it is definitely true as animals have been seen to have the same waves as humans while dreaming. If you ever get a chance, then have a look at a sleeping animal and watch their change of expressions or mild body movements as they dream.

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You Only See Known Faces In Your Dreams

A human brain doesn’t have the ability to imagine a new human face, therefore, you see only those people in your dreams whom you have seen before. You might be thinking that this can’t be true as you have seen some unknown faces in your dream. 

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Nevertheless, remember that see hundreds of faces every day and you might not remember each face vividly. However, our brain works the most when we are sleeping and allows us to see those forgotten faces in our dreams. 

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You Cannot Read Or Tell Time In Your Dreams

dream facts time

It is true that a person cannot read books or tell time while dreaming. So, the next time you feel like dreaming, then instead of telling someone to pinch you, you can just look at a watch and confirm whether you are dreaming or not. 

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