Many of us sometimes wonder why we are not in a relationship and not seeing anyone. Why are we single and what may be repelling others from us. Well, there is nothing wrong with being single but there are indeed some behavioural patterns we all follow that may be keeping us single. Jeevika Sharma, Tarot card reader and guidance counsellor has shared one each issue that all zodiac signs may have which are not opening us up to relationships. 


=Your unwillingness to allow new people to enter into your life or to get to know them better is the main reason why you might be in a relationship. You always keep a certain distance from others and start to fret when someone tries to lessen the gap.


taurus why single

The reason why you might not be in a relationship because you seek followers instead of a life partner. You want lots of people to follow you if they want to be part of your life. You like to direct people as per your will. These followers are not always of similar class or status. Hence, you hardly ever consider. The suitable ones will be out of this circle and you do not talk to them because they don't follow or obey you.


If a Gemini is not in a relationship and is single it is because they prefer to enjoy their own company and they create happy moments by themselves. They usually do not feel the need to be with someone. Gemini hardly find themselves happy when with their partner. 


cancerian why single

If you find a person of cancer zodiac who is single, then the real reason will be that they have decided to be single or not in a relationship. Only because they haven't found any suitable match for themselves that they are single. In most of the cases a Cancerian does not settle for less. For them, their partner should match their level.


Leos usually have trust issues and find it hard to put their trust in others. They are also very observant. This is the main reason why they would not be in a relationship. Leos are usually the type who gets a good number of proposals but they do not trust anyone easily. They invest a lot of time in judging the other person before making any decision. If Leo wants to get into a relationship they will have to be quick.

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virgo why single

Confusion while selecting a partner for themselves has kept them single till date. Virgo usually measure people on the basis of their financial standing. They tend to invest a lot of time comparing the finances of the people which results in delays in getting into a relationship. They follow unhealthy criterion for relationships which often keeps them single.


Either several or few bad experiences in the past is the reason why Libra is not in a relationship at present. Also, they feel stuck when it comes to building an emotional bond with their partner due to which they tend to run from the relationship. They find themselves a lot more comfortable when in the friend zone.


scorpio why single

Scorpions are busy in their professional life or busy making money. They are less inclined towards getting into a relationship. For the name, fame and money are the most important things in their life.


They are mostly busy managing their expenses for their future travel plans. They have not found a partner who can get along with the Sagittarius( where ever they go ). Moreover, they look for a financially independent partners who won't be a burden when it comes to expenses.


Neither do they want to spend money on their partner nor do they carry any intention to do so? They want their money to be safe for them. If ever they look for a partner they would want their partner to pay their own bills and not expect that their bills be paid for them.

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aquarius why single

Based on their past experiences, people they choose to approach or who they propose are hardly ever interested in them. Aquarius has faced various rejections in their life because of which they are mostly single.


External influence has kept them single or never allowed them a chance to get into a relationship. This external can come either from friends or from family. In other words, the tendency of Pisces to get influenced by their peer group or family members is so great that it has kept them away from being in a relationship.


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