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    What Your Dog's Sleeping Positions Say About Him

    Have you noticed your dog sleeping in weird positions? Here is what those poses might mean. Take a look.
    Updated at - 2020-11-25,13:58 IST
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    Have you ever wondered why your dog sleeps in different and weird poses? You definitely must have. Every pose that your dog adjusts to while sleeping, says a lot about his behaviour, how he feels at home, is he healthy or not etc. And once you start understanding your dog’s sleeping postures, his habits, and the way he tries to be affectionate with you, you will be able to take care of him in a lot of better ways.

    Even though dogs cannot speak, they are super active creatures with intelligence and expression. So, to understand your dog nicely, first take a look at these sleeping poses and what they mean or say about him. Read on.

    The Lion Position

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    The lion position is when your fido is lying on his belly with his lower limbs drawn close to his body and his head resting on the paws, this is how lions sleep and so the name. According to experts, if your dog lies in this position, he is not necessarily sleeping. He might just be slipping into a short nap after an involving playtime or physical activity. Since this position is more symbolic of resting, it also simultaneously means that your dog is still alert and not in a deep sleep and may respond to you quickly.

    The Superman Position

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    In the superman position, you will notice that the dog will be stretching out all his legs with his head leveled on the ground, like superman flying in the air. When your dog sleeps like this, he is probably feeling hot and tired after playing but is still willing to play or is just ready to get up when you call him to take him out for a walk. It is a happy position, when your pup is imitating the superman next time, give him water and turn on the air conditioner for a while.  Doggies who are seen sleeping like this commonly, are high-spirited and can easily be motivated and trained (how to train your pet puppy)so you know what you're working on.

    The Snow Ball Position

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    When your dog lies flat on his belly with his body curled up to form a sort of a circle, then the position signifies the snowball pose. In this position you will find your dog's nose would be aligned to his tail, this usually means that your dog is feeling cold. So, make sure to cover him up with a light blanket if you see him curling up to himself. However, this position is a guarding position and may some times also mean that your dog is feeling scared, so, if your dog snoozes in this position often, it means that he is not very comfortable with the surroundings or someone in your home(here's how to make dog treats at home).

    The Crazy Legs Position

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    The crazy legs position is when your dog is lying on his back with his legs suspended in the air freely. There is a sense of freedom in the dog while sleeping in this position. It may refer to the trust or love that he has for your which gives him that feeling of being able to sleep how so ever and the sense of security at your place. It is one of the most favorable sleeping postures and tells that your dog is independent, free-spirited, and very happy with the surroundings. So, when your dog exposes all his organs and lies in a compromising position, feel proud of yourself for handling him appropriately.

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    The Side By Side Pose

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    When your dog rests on the side, with his limbs straightened out, and his sensitive organs being exposed, then it is the side by side position. This position signifies that you have earned the trust of the pooch and he is actually starting to grow comfortable in the house. If you notice your dog sleeping like this usually, then congratulations, you have successfully been able to give your dog the right atmosphere and love and he is feeling great at your place.

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