So you have brought home a new member, a four-legged one! We know how cute it looks sleeping and running around here and there, or how much fun it is to play with your little fur ball, but do you know it takes a lot of efforts to turn them into a perfect pooch? You'll need to train it and teach him how to successfully interact with people and other animals throughout its life. So, here's how you can train your puppy! 

Set Some Rules

train your pet puppy inside three

Your puppy’s adorable eyes might plead you for anything and melt your heart within seconds but remember to set some rules from the beginning and make sure you stick to them.

Set Up His Private Den

Give your pup his own, private sleeping place that’s not used by anyone else in the family. It will make him feel safe and will help him in spending some alone time.

Give Your Dog A Name

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Give your furry friend a cute name. So, that whenever you call his name he comes to you.  

Food Time

Fix a particular time to feed your puppy. If he comes for his meal on time, treat him with cookies, toys, loves or heaps of praise. 

Poo Train Your Pooch

Take puppy out to eliminate first thing in the morning and then once every 30 minutes to an hour. Also, make sure you take him to walk at night and before he’s left alone.

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Reward His Good Behaviour

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If your puppy does something right, reward and praise him enthusiastically. Use treats, toys, cookies, or heaps of praise and let him know that he has done something good.

Correcting Mistakes

Dogs are not spiteful. If your puppy is doing something wrong, it probably got the idea it was okay. So, you've to teach your puppy.

First, catch him in the act. Then instead of hitting or scolding him, Never hit your puppy, say, ‘No’ in a sharp tone. When your puppy stops, praise him or pat him on his head.

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