We all wish to travel with our beloved four-legged friends but most often we have to give our dreams a break because we can’t actually travel with them. And as the hazards of this sacrifice come the safety and security of your pet which keeps you occupied all the time. The fact is that no one can love your pet the way you do and the smallest of things about him matter to you and only you can understand his needs, so you would really appreciate the opportunity to take you pets along with you on your expeditions.

Here are some details that might help you if you are looking forward to travelling with your fido.

Travelling By Indian Railways


Travelling with your pet in the Indian railways is possible. Yes, you read that right! There are options that you can avail in case you want to travel with your pet inside the Indian Railways. The best option is to book a first-class ticket so that you can take the pet in the cabin along with you. There are some other rules and regulations which may imply that you have to book another berth for your dog, even when you’re travelling in the first class with your dog you might be needing the consent of the fellow travellers to keep the dog in the compartment. If the fellow passengers deny, then you will have to keep your dog in the luggage van.

The basic steps require you to make a booking of your dog in the parcel department of the boarding station, at least 2 days before the commencement of your journey. If you are caught taking the dog without booking, you will be charged complying six times of the luggage scale rate and will immediately be asked to take the to the brake van for the violation of rules of the Indian Railways.

Travelling With Pet Via Airways


Renowned Airlines have the option for carrying your pets(here's how to train your pet) along in domestic travel and the rules and guidelines suggest that the pet be kept at the owner’s risk and no other airline authority will be held responsible for the same. Airlines allow you to keep the pet in the cabin or the cargo hold. But the pets cannot travel as free baggage allowance even if the passenger has no other baggage. Further, it is mandatory that the pet be enclosed inside a soft ventilated bag/kennel that may weigh not more than 5 kgs including the kennel. Plus, your dogs must also accompany valid health certificates by a registered practitioner.

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How To Take Extra Care Of Your Pet While Travelling


Travelling(post Covid trip ideas) can be an all-new experience for your pet and he might end up feeling suffocated in a closed space. Therefore travel with your pet only when there a very sever need to, as your pet might get scared and depressed. Talking about the Indian railways the facilities are really not so great in the brake van or the luggage van and are no not ideal for your pets. The pets are crammed in a very small space and are kept enclosed in a cage. The temperature of those coaches may also not be ideal and that could make your pet dehydrated, tired and frightened at the end of the journey. But yes, if you really don’t have any other choice and it is your wish to travel with you fido friend then we suggest you take breaks while travelling, and plan small journeys initially so that your pet gets used to it and starts enjoying as much as you.

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