Often we want to travel with our dog but we are not sure whether our pooch will be comfortable or not. To solve your tension we have listed some essentials that you must invest inn to make your dog's and your life easy. 

Vaccination Records

Keep a copy of all vaccination records with you while travelling. Incase of an emergency, you should have access to all the relevant papers and information. These records will also come in handy when checking him/her into the hotel or taking a ferry ride. Do not forget to keep the updated papers.

Collar And leash

dog collar

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Remember to pack your dog's collar and leash and also some poop bags while travelling. It is but normal that your pooch gets excited or certain smell, sees some squirrel or monkeys for that matter. Therefore, to have her/him on a leash when not in the care is important at times.


This will be of immense help just incase your dog loses his or her way while playing in the meadows. Be sure that your dog has a current tag with an emergency phone number attached to the collar or harness.

First Aid Kit

There are a number of first aid kits for dogs available in the market, and if you have the time, you can even put together your own. Some essentials include: tweezers to remove ticks, stypic powder to stop toenail bleeding, scissors, eye wash to flush wounds, gauze bandages, adhesive tape, and antiseptic moist wipes.

Food And Water

dog food

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Be sure to bring along your dog's favourite food ans snack so that we do not upset his or her tummy. There are a lot of amazing treats available in the market. If you will be cooking for the dog, make the food ahead of time, and pack it along with your own goodies. Your dog is used to drinking water from your hometown, and when travelling try to store some of that water in a big container and rely on bottled water as back-up.

Seat Covers And Blankets

Vacations are supposed to be fun, and your pets are bound to go nuts in the open air and meadows. Protect your seats with covers and blankets made especially for your vehicle. Always carry additional towels and wipes to clean off your dog's paws or the seat for that matter. You can never go wrong with towels.

Safety Restraints

Research and carry the relevant safety devices that are needed for your pup.

Bed And Crate

Don’t leave home without your pet's safety blanket or favourite bed. Make his or her life vacation friendly by thinking of all these things. It would be gteat if you get some extra sheets with you as well. If your pooch loves sleeping on the furniture, cover it up with the sheets for your dog's good sleep and the guest house's good feedback.


dog toy

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Don’t forget the toys! If your dog is nervous with the new surroundings or with unknown people, ease his or her life, get the toys the dog loves to jkeep him occupied. Familiar smells and chew toys will help calm even the most anxious pet.

Double-Check Hotel Reservations

Before you are ready to embark on your journey, call up the hotel or the guest house, wherever you are putting up and confirm your reservation and make sure that they remember that you dog is accompanying you as well. Make suree they are ready for the four pawed baby. 

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