Some things never change, like the taste of your mother's food or the things you loved as a child. However old you may grow, you will always love doing art and crafts because the satisfaction of building or being able to create something is really comforting. Further, it brings positivity confidence. So, let’s take a walk down memory lane and try some cool and easy DIY projects that we always wanted as children but, now that we have grown up, we can easily make them ourselves and fulfill our unfulfilled wishes.

DIY Fidget Spinner

DIY projects to try when bored

Make your very own fidget spinner and bust your stress while playing with it. It's very easy to make one, take 4 rolling element bearings and one in the centre and three others equidistant, such that they form the shape of a usually fidget spinner. Stick the bearings together with super glue. Now cut small circles of rubber sheets and stick them over the outer three bearings. Paint them according to your preferences and there your go, favourite time pass tool is ready!

DIY Kinetic Sand

DIY projects to try when bored

Kinetic sand is another very addictive thing to play with. One can sit for a long time and play with the shape retention sand, without even getting bored, as it is very oddly satisfying and hence, keeps you completely involved. To make DIY sand, take a mixing bowl, add 4 tablespoons of boric acid to it, 2 tablespoons of glue and your favourite food colour. Finally, add sand, mix well together, and now spend time making and breaking castles with this sand. We bet this will become your favourite pass time in a few days!

DIY Pen Drive Cover

DIY projects to try when bored

Since the pen drives we use daily have no fun element in it, we suggest you to try this DIY project. Make a small adorable mural with clay, such as a donut. Stick the pen-drive inside the clay leaving out the drive’s metal end. Once you have done that take out the PD and let there be a cavity in the clay mould. Then, go ahead and bake the clay design. Take it out and fill some glue in the cavity, now place the PD back in it and you're good to go.

DIY Kaleidoscope

DIY projects to try when bored

To make this fun DIY project, all you need, are three strips of equally cut mirrors, that make an equilateral triangle.  Place the mirrors in a triangle and holding the shape, stick a tape across the length of the triangle. Paste a thin foam sheet on the backside of the complete structure, to protect from breakage. Now, put some beads inside it and click pictures through it for a psychedelic effect or seal the one end with a pinhole to enjoy playing with your kaleidoscope.

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Glow In The Night Phone Case

DIY projects to try when bored

This DIY is very classy, you will not fail to impress everyone with this smart and cool phone cover so, let’s check how it’s made. For making a glow in the dark cover you need to have glow-in-the-dark paint. First, measure your phone case (transparent case) and cut two identical pieces of hard paper one white and the other black, mark and cut the holes for the camera and fingerprint scanner. Draw a picture that you want on the black sheet, cut it out precisely then paint the white sheet with glow in the dark paint. Afterward, place the black layer inside the cover and then the white layer. Once the paint is charged in the light, it will glow in the dark.

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