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    DIY Paper Jewellery Ideas To Try At Home

    Make beautiful jewellery pieces out of paper and leave everyone stunned. Take a look at these simple DIY ideas.
    Updated at - 2021-01-02,10:50 IST
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    Running short on cash to buy your favourite trendy accessories? Well, worry no more because we are here to teach you how to make DIY jewellery/fashion accessories using dimple paper. So, keep reading to find out more!

    DIY Quilled Paper Necklace

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    To make this necklace you need a quilling kit, gum and a chain to connect.  Start by choosing two of your favourite colours. Then using the quilling tool make paper rings of different sizes. Then start placing them the way you want your necklace to turn up. Lastly, glue the rings altogether let them dry. Place two different coloured rings together to make the necklace look better and more classy. Next just attach the connecting chains to tie the neckpiece around your neck and you will be done.

    DIY Quilled Paper Earrings 

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    This also a very easy DIY that you can do. For making these beautiful earnings you need quilling tool, quilling paper(cut to thin strips), adhesive glue and earring hooks.  Using the quilling tool and the quilling strips, form circular rings and glue their open ends. Use different colours to make the rings look more attractive then stick them altogether aligning them in one line.  Finally, when the glue dries out, then add the earring hooks and you're done!

    DIY Printed Mandala Earrings 

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    We know it's hard to believe that you can actually make these earrings (Mouni Roy's jewellery collection)easily using paper. Well, if you are intrigued then let us take a look at how you can make these earrings. All you need is a thin sheet of paper with abstract prints, a matching bead, a thin metal wire, a firm but thin cardboard, enamel spray and earring hooks. Cut out the printed paper in the shape of your desire, then trave out the same shape over the cardboard sheets. Cut them out and stick together. Once they dry out, using a pin pierce a hole near the top margin of the earrings. Then take the small wire and pass it through the hole, twist the open end with wore itself to keep it intact. At last, add the earring hooks and spray the enamel over it to give it a glossy finish.

    DIY Heart-Shaped Multi-Layered Chain

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    For making this triple-layered heart neckpiece, you shade of red handmade paper, some metal loops, and connecting chains. Cut out exactly same heart shapes using different coloured handmade sheets. Then pass the metal loops through each of the heart cutouts and connect them together forming a chain-like the design. You can refer to the picture for more.  Make three layers one with 3-4 hearts, the second one with 5-6 hearts and the third one with 8-9 hearts and arrange them in ascending order.  After that join in the connecting chains in the metal loops and spray some enamel spray to make it look shinier and protection.

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    DIY Travel Bracelet

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    To make this DIY travel hand bracelet, you will need several glossy paper maps pr pages from an old atlas.  Some flexible loops, and a half bangle(adjustable). Cut out the equal length and breadth strips from the atlas pages and fold them precisely and stick their open ends. Make sure to leave a hole in between through which you will pass the metal loop.  After you've completed the passing loop through all the map cylinders then arrange them in the adjustable bangle like shown in the picture.  After you're done with this, just stick the last two pieces with super glue and flaunt your travel enthusiasm with style. 

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