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Problem Dealing With Difficult In-Laws? This Guide Will Help You

Here are a few tips which will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your in-laws.
Published -14 Sep 2020, 16:27 ISTUpdated -14 Sep 2020, 16:49 IST
relationship problems with daughter in law

Getting married is a life-changing experience. You don't just get married to your partner but the entire family. It is all about maintaining your relationship with both your partner and your new family members. However, there are times when things don't go smoothly. You may not be able to enjoy a smooth relationship with your new family members, say your mother-in-law, or your sister-in-law but you have to eventually build a connection with them and make it all work but how? Scroll down to know some easy ways to deal with difficult members of your new family with ease. 

Understand That It Takes Times

relationship advise

When you leave your parent's house and enter an all-new life with your partner, things no longer remain the same. Few days into living with your new family may not feel as comfortable as it used to with your mom, dad, and siblings back at home. However, here, you need to understand the reason behind it. It takes years to build all such relationships. The foundation of a good and healthy relationship is years of togetherness and trust. Give it some time! 

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Don't Let Boundaries Come In Between 

boundaries in relationships

Once things are finalised between the two families, start to have good communication with your in-laws. There should be no boundaries between you and your in-laws. This will help you build a connection that will further help you keep it all smooth post marriage. However, if you were unable to do any such thing prior to your marriage and you feel that there is a gap between you and your new family members then its time to talk. If you don't know how to speak up things then take the help of your husband. He will play a key role in building a foundation between you and his family. 

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communicate with in laws

Initially, there can be things that you are new to and you don't really know how to take all the troubles coming in. However, it can all get easy if you communicate well. You may have second thoughts of reaching to your father-in-law or mother-in-law but if you do, it can all actually work out. 

Be Open To Change

When you enter the new family, you may be introduced to new changes and things you may not have been aware of earlier. A lot of those new things may not be the way you want them to but that doesn't mean you will back out. Always be open to learning new things about the traditions of the family. If you feel something is wrong, share your thoughts with them and work together with the new unit. 


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Respect Each Other's Opinions

There may be times when you don't like an opinion or a comment by your mother-in-law or sister-in-law. These are the times when you need to take it all with patience. The new environment may not be favourable for you everyday. On such occasions, you need to send across your feelings in a respectful manner. Let them know that you respect what they feel but it may not be in sync with your thought process and its absolutely okay. 

It is never really a smooth ride honestly but that doesn't mean you can't really handle it all. You just need to accept the new environment, become a part of it, without losing your own identity. For more such relationship tips, stay tuned!

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