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    Mother's Day 2021: How To Bond With Your Mother-In-Law

    This Mother's  Day, bond with your mother-in-law by following these simple tips and make your bond stronger with her.
    Published -08 May 2020, 10:16 ISTUpdated -05 May 2021, 16:56 IST
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    No matter if you know your husband’s mother for years or have met her recently if you still feel a self-imposed pressure to impress your mother-in-law whenever you're with her. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to take initiative and putting all that behind you. It happens with many, despite being a confident person, women feel extra conscious around their mother-in-law. The situation might drive you nuts trying to present yourself as the ideal daughter-in-law, who is smart, funny, kind, and best for her son. Of course, you really like to bond with her, wondering how? Here are some easy tips that will help you bond with your mother-in-law and make your relationship better. 

    Ask Questions About Her Life

    Ask Questions About Her Life

    It often happens that daughter-in-law only sees her husband’s family as extensions and often ignores the fact that they have their lives, histories, and passions too. In order to bond with your mother-in-law, you must know her stories and where is she coming from. What better way of watching a few old photographs together and asking her about her life, happy moments, and struggles. 

    Talk About Your Husband's Childhood

    Talk About Your Partner’s Childhood

    Feeling competitive between you and your husband’s mother is weird but natural. While she raised your husband, she also knows him in the best way. Yes, you are the most important person in your partner’s life now. But, it’s best to not ignore the fact that your mother-in-law has been there since the beginning. And by asking about your partner’s childhood, looking at old photos, and maybe even swapping embarrassing stories about your partner will help you know him better and allow you to bond with her on both of yours common interest. 

    Participate In Hobbies

    Participate In Hobbies

    Painting, cooking embroidery, gardening, yoga, or reading, whatever it is, showing an interest in your mother-in-law’s hobbies can turn out to be one of the best options to begin a peace offering. It can also be great for those so want to do something that only involves just two of you and not the whole family. But, don’t be too stubborn about not letting others join, perhaps involving husband or father-in-law turn out to be a better scenario. 

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    Bond Over Food 

    Many may find this idea cliché, but it works most of the time. In addition, this work regardless of whether you live in a joint family or nuclear family, irrespective you know how to cook or not, bonding over food works magic. You can ask your husband’s mom favourite recipes or maybe a one that is loved by your better half. If you know how to cook, nothing like it, however in case you don’t help her out in the kitchen by assisting her and learning her culinary skills.  

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    Talk About her Marriage

    Talk About her Marriage

    Now that you’re married you know that the whole process of tying the knot becomes one of the best and memorable moments of life. A person can never get tired of talking about it and going down the memory lane to share the most difficult or funny incidents from the ceremonies. Talk to her about her sweet marriage and share a few incidents that she isn’t aware of your marriage. 

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    Marriage doesn't happen just between the bride and groom but the families too and that can't be neglected no matter what. This brings peace in everyone’s life, making it more happening and full joys. Utilise this Mother’s Day to make everyone’s life full of happiness.

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