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    Father's Day 2020: Five Tips To Win Your Father-In-Law’s Heart

    This father’s day, strengthen your bond with your father-in-law by following these simple tips! 
    Published -17 Jun 2020, 15:48 ISTUpdated -17 Jun 2020, 17:19 IST
    amitabh asi

    Father-in-law and daughter-in-law’s connection is the most underrated relation that people hardly even talk about. While there are many topics on which you may feel connected to your mother-in-law, it can be hard to bond with your husband’s father if you don’t put the effort in the right direction. To share a healthy relationship with your new family members, it’s vital to treat everyone in the best way possible. But, when it comes to your father-in-law, things might feel a little trickier. Because you want to be respectful and at the same time wish to get rid of that awkwardness prevailing between you and him. As father’s day is just around the corner, we feel this would be a great opportunity to step up and make efforts to win his heart. Try these simple tips and leave no stone unturned to strengthen your bond with your father-in-law. 

    Connect Over Food 

    They say the way to a man's heart is through the stomach. Many may find this idea cliché, but, when it comes to men, ideas involving food hardly fails. No matter if you live in a joint family or nuclear family, cooking or eating together works wonder. Ask your husband’s father his favourite main course or snack recipes and try preparing it this father’s day. If you know how to cook, nothing like it, however, in case you don’t, take help from other family members or any online source. Remember, the most important part is to involve him.

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    Participate In His Hobbies 

    Participate In His Hobbies

    Gardening at home, shopping online, reading novels, repairing gadgets, or even watching movies, try to participate, and show interest in your father -in-law’s hobbies. This can turn out to be one of the best options to begin bonding with him. If you feel for some reasons, you don’t get enough quality time that only involves just two of you, find a common ground that is loved equally by both. Involving other family members along can also be an option, but this depends on how you want to celebrate the day. 

    Talk About Your Husband's Childhood

    It’s natural for your in-laws to feel that their son doesn’t give them enough time. It can be due to workload, or increasing family responsibilities. Step up and don’t let your father-in-law feel alone on this special occasion. Talk to him about your husband’s childhood, look at old photos, ask about his embarrassing stories, or even share your experiences. This will not only help you to know your partner better but will also allow you to bond with his father. 

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    Talk About His Marriage 

    Talk About His Marriage

    It’s always interesting to know stories about how two people met. In fact, now that you’re married, you know nuptial becomes one of the most memorable moments of life. While women never get tired of talking about their marriage ceremonies, most men on the other side, don’t share much. So, ask him to share the most difficult or funny incidents from the ceremonies. Talk to him about his experience and share a few incidents that he still doesn’t know about your marriage.

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    Know His Life Experiences

    Know His Life Experiences

    It has often been seen that a daughter-in-law sees her partner’s family as an extension and ignores the fact that they have their lives, histories, and passions. In order to bond with your father-in-law, you should try knowing his life experiences and where is he coming from. What better way than watching a few old photographs together of his parents, friends, or family. Know about his job life or even his childhood.  

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