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    Expert Reveals Dark Truth About Your Dating Habits As Per Zodiac Signs

    To the world you portray another personality but what exactly is the truth when it comes to your zodiac signs' dating habit? Expert reveals the dark reality you deny so much. 
    Updated at - 2021-05-07,09:12 IST
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    Dating is a phase where two people get to know each other. If two people find each other compatible then they may enter into a relationship where the emotional bond develops and grows. The dating phase not only consists of romance but consists of mind games, tests and observation, which helps in knowing the other person better. But what do you tuly seek in your relationship or partner? Jeevika Sharma, Tarot Card  Reader and Guidance Counsellor revealed to HerZindagi, the truth about your zodiac sign's actual dating habits.


    You consider and portray yourself as the master of love. And, it just so happens that some people do begin to follow you for advice. Despite that, you prefer to keep your love life personal. You observe a person a lot before you get into a relationship but, after you do then a little time later you begin bossing them around.



    You are the decision-maker in your love life. You hardly consider your partner anything. You always want to be the one who has all the power and control, the one who has the last word. You tend to run after those who give you very little attention.


    You are inclined to date people who you know will run around you all the time. You don't have an intention to yell at or put down the image of someone in any way. You choose the one who follows you anywhere you go. 



    When you see the person and your heart starts bubbling, you find it hard to summon the courage to express what you feel for them. And, when do end up dating them, you try to test them whenever you find the chance.



    When you start liking someone, you start being friendly with that person so that you could know them well. You keep a check on how the other person is responding to you. But, when you feel that the other person is not responding the way you wanted, you start backing out and ignore them completely.



    You make a lot of effort in your relationship as much as your partner does. You stay loyal to the person you are dating. Also, you keep a check on your partner if he is putting in efforts and is loyal to you.

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    While dating the person of your choice, you are centered on getting what you deserve while at the same time you are less compassionate towards your partner. You are driven by a selfish need for attention.



    When you are planning to date someone, you start by being friends. You give the other person care, love, and attention just to make them think how good you are. But, the moment you start dating the person you want, you start with your nitpicking to find a reason to fight for entertainment. For scorpions, fighting keeps the spark in the relationship alive and develops a strong bond between the two.


    You date a person thinking of your own benefit most of the time. Till the time you can gain anything in return you stick to your partner. But, the moment you realise there is nothing left for you to gain, you start withdrawing to end the relationship. While dating you rarely care for your partner. If your partner starts denying your company all the time, you start losing interest in him/her. Sagittarius can make their partner experience great adventure with a hint of craziness.

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    When you are in a relationship you start by spending a lot of money on your partner whenever you find a chance. But, as time moves on you withdraw and maintain a little distance. You splurge at your partner at your convenience. 



    You are rarely concerned about love when you date someone. You are with your partner till the time they fulfill your needs. When you get bored of someone you tend to get up and walk away, searching for someone new.


    In terms of dating, you hardly ever date for true love. Your outlook on dating is to find a partner who you could show off in front of the world. And, often times you date more than one person to show the world how superior you are.



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