Life is all about ups and downs and a little struggle, but sometimes the extent of struggle and unwanted arguments or events in one’s love life can be very stressful and can lead to some very unwanted situations. We never want to lose our loved ones and it is a very well-known fact that the energies exhibited by gemstones can help you heal your personal and professional life.

Astrologer and Gemologist, Mr. Pankaj Khanna, Founder and MD of Gem Selections, Khanna Gems Private Limited, explains for HerZindagi readers the details of all gemstones that you must wear as per your sun sign for a happier and smoother love life

Aries: Red Coral

coral aries love

Red Coral which controls the energies emitted from the planet Mars (Mangala). It provides you good energy and the courage to overcome all obstacles in one’s life. Even in some hard phases of your love life it helps you control your negative thoughts and become a support system for your better half or partner.

Taurus: White Sapphire

Wearing White Sapphire by an individual born under the sun sign Taurus helps one to have a passionate love life and helps you increase the extent of love and affection with your loved one. So, in case you are tensed about your love life being a Taurus, a white sapphire will calm things down bringing positivity in your relationship.

Gemini: Emerald

emerald gemini love

Emerald is for Mercury which represents humor, communication, and intellect. It rules the speech of an individual, hence it will help you control your anger during fights or arguments with your loved one. Wearing it can improve your love life as well as enhance your memory.

Cancer: Pearl

Pearl is for the planet Chandra (Moon) and the moon governs the mind and matters of the psyche. Wearing a pearl can improve your mental and emotional stability in your relationship and increase the sense of contentment. The gemstone is used to encourage purity, loyalty, faith, and personal integrity.

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Leo: Ruby

ruby love

Ruby is effective for Surya (Sun). Sun is the source of all energy. It is associated with improved control, autonomy, and focus on a love relationship. It also protects you from negative energy, psychic attack, and the draining of your energy while you are undergoing a tough phase in your relationship.

Virgo: Onyx

Black Onyx is primarily linked with the planet Saturn, which particularly works perfectly to help control your emotions, regardless of what they are undergoing and motivates them to be grounded which helps one to stay humble and loyal in one’s relationship also developing positive energies around themselves.

Libra: White Quartz

White Quartz is the perfect gemstone for Librans. It reduces anxiety, tension, and anger which helps in developing a strong relationship with understanding and love that is not affected by negative or harsh energies. It also boosts purposefully thinking ability and helps in spiritual rebuilding which is a positive step towards building a strong personal life.

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Scorpio: Garnet

This vibrant gemstone retains a Scorpio's sensualness while fostering stronger passionate bonds with others. The gem emits red rays that are said to attain a Scorpio's heart, getting them out of their shell thereby helping them have a good love life.

Sagittarius: Yellow Sapphire

Jupiter governs knowledge and is related to goodness. The yellow sapphire helps in finding wisdom and compassion within yourself. Moreover, it has a strong connection to matters of wealth and overall good fortune. Hence, the stone helps you develop a life which is appreciated by your lover and a personality that is admired by him/her.

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Capricorn: Blue Sapphire

blue sapphire love

Saturn is connected to hardship and dedication. The Blue Sapphire in the Navaratnam is there to help you gain maturity, tolerance, and humility which is truly admired in a love relationship. It promotes a happy and blissful love life for those born under the Capricorn sun sign.


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Aquarius: Iolite

The stone helps one to develop a positive view of their life and love and helps one to streamline all the life decisions into shaping a better relationship. The stone helps you push away all the bad energies and build a strong and healthy relationship.

Pisces: Citrine

citrine pisces

Physical vibrations of Citrine eradicate any form of negativity from your love life and also heal any harsh feelings or bad vibes. Wearing the stone can work as magic on your love life if you are a Pisces.

Hence, if you want to improve your love life, believe in the power of these stones and create the much-needed positive change in your life.

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