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  • Jeevika Sharma
  • Editorial

Here’s What Makes A Libra Stand Out In The Zodiac Chart

Is it you or your zodiac character traits? Read to know more! 
  • Jeevika Sharma
  • Editorial
Published -15 Feb 2022, 15:46 ISTUpdated -15 Feb 2022, 17:12 IST
libra sun sign

Libra are a very self centred bunch. They are focused in life and friendly in nature as well. They are extrovert and love to build castles in the sky.

In terms of their personal life, they are a little calculative because they prefer to befriend or stay connected with people who listen to them and obey them.

They take the complete responsibility of their family. They share a close bond with both their parents. But, they might be a little more close to their mother. 

libra characteristics zodiac sign

As a partner, they take care of the person they love but only when it is required off them. On every other occasion they want them to be pampered by their partner. 

They are a little low on emotional intelligence. They focus more on their feelings and want others to support them emotionally whenever they feel the need. But, often they fail to honour the emotional needs of others.

Libra are focused in career and achieve what they desire to. They have an active approach when it comes to their professional life. They quickly grab good opportunities that they see coming their way.

They are poor in handling finances. They may save a good amount of money for future but, at the same time they spend blindly when it comes to satiating their cravings.

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libra zodiac sign jeevika

One negative trait about Libra is that they hardly ever realise their mistakes. They might stop talking to you or start avoiding you if you try to make them confront their mistakes.

They are prone to quick jealousy. This is a tendency they have which often leads to disruptions in their relations with others.

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They are always ready to help anyone who needs it. If any one needs help, libra will always be there to help them. 

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