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6 Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen On A Budget

Change the flooring, add new tiles and install wooden shelves to re-do the kitchen within budget. Read on!
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -26 Apr 2022, 08:00 ISTUpdated -19 May 2022, 16:00 IST
cheapest re do kitchen ideas

Are you bored with the way your kitchen looks? Do you want to revamp the kitchen? Is your budget tight when it comes to elevating the looks of the cook’s room? Do not fret. We are here to give you budget-friendly options on revamping the kitchen without putting a dent in your pocket. Take a look!

Re-Do The Tiles

tiles in the kitchen

Tiles are inexpensive options that can change the face of the kitchen. Whether or not you had tiles before, you can always do something new. Pick out a new and trendy design for kitchen tiles and revamp the entire outlook.

You can also choose tiles according to the colour of the cabinets. For example, if your cabinets are blue, you can pick something in white or white with a blue texture or flowers. 

You can also try tile stencils. It will add an expensive touch to your kitchen without much hassle. It will take less time to re-do the cook’s room, and you will hardly make any mess. 

Add Mountable Baskets

If you want to keep the kitchen clutter and re-do it to make it look plush, you can add mountable baskets. These are available online at varied prices. You can choose the one that will complement the décor of the kitchen and bear weight of containers and books.

You can store cookbooks and small planters or even create a small kitchen garden to grow lettuce, basil, coriander and other herbs. They create a symmetrical look and make your condiments accessible with minimal effort. 

Paint The Cabinets

paint cabinets

Instead of re-doing the kitchen entirely, you can start with small ideas like painting the cabinets. If the cabinets are made of wood, you can quickly change the appearance of the entire cook’s room by just painting a new coat on the shelves.

You can inspiration from images available online. However, the recent guide to re-do the kitchen suggests choosing bright shades like blue, green, yellow and grey. 

One can also go with black colour on the cabinets and add white tiles above the counter. The black and white kitchen with all black accessories looks luxurious and straight out of the Architectural Digest.

Change The Lightings And Fixtures

No matter how you decide to decorate the kitchen, if the lighting is not adequate, it can bring down the entire look. Hence, lighting is the key to elevating the outlook of any room or corner in the house.

You can add small ceiling lights right below the shelves or hang big lamps on the centre counter. Another option is to add a rustic fixture to add a dash of expensive touch. For inspiration, you can also find lights distributed across the ceiling and make sure that natural light can enter the space during the day.

Change The Floorings

kitchen floorings

Floor, ceilings and walls can completely change the outlook of any room in the house. If you see that your flooring is outdated, change it. With the small space of the kitchen (kitchen cleaning hacks), you might not have to invest much in the flooring.

You can pick tiles contrasting the walls and cabinets. It will distinguish the space from the rest of the house. It will be a budget-friendly update in the kitchen, and your cook’s room will spruce up like a house on Diwali.

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Add Open Storage Shelves

If you want to add a carefree look to the kitchen, you can simply replace the handles of the cabinets after painting them. Another option is to remove the closed storage shelves.

It does not mean removing all the shelves. But you can remove one or two shelves and add open cupboards and wooden shelves to add a little Bohemian touch to the space. It will also help to organise the kitchen

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This way, you can hang planters, arrange glassware or hang spatulas for quick accessibility. You can also keep labelled jars on these shelves and make the entire space look expensive with minimal effort. 

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