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    6 Ways To Reuse Kitchen Waste Efficiently

    Next time instead of throwing away your vegetable peels or kitchen waste, use the below-given tips to use waste efficiently. 
    • Shivanshi Tomer
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    Published -04 Sep 2020, 14:35 ISTUpdated -21 Oct 2021, 16:51 IST
    use kitchen waste smartly m

    Vegetables peels and fruit leftovers from the kitchen are usually tossed in the dustbin which gets dumped away. These biodegradable wastes are something which can prove very beneficial if they are reused in the right manner. Peels and waste might look like a waste but benefit you in interesting and different ways. Here are a few tips and tricks using leftover kitchen waste which must be given a try.  

    Roasted Apple Peels  

    If you prefer your apples peeled, then this tip is ideal to make the optimum use of leftover peels. Just roast your apple peels and glaze them with melted butter. Once they are roasted, they will turn golden brown. You can savour this sweet delight by sprinkling some powdered sugar and cinnamon powder on top. 

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    Compost For Garden

    use kitchen waste smartly compost  

    Kitchen waste can act like manure to the various plants in your garden. If you have a dedicated garden, you can dig a pit and start dumping your kitchen waste over there. If you do not have a personal garden, you can also do the same in a plastic or clay pot by making a base of soil. Make sure you have two bins in your kitchen one for biodegradable wet waste and another for non-biodegradable dry waste. This makes it easy to segregate the two and directly use the dry one for compost. 

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    Start by digging a pit in your garden. Now start dumping your daily kitchen waste here. You can mix dry waste like paper bits and newspaper in it as well. You can also sprinkle some water on it but make sure you don’t make it too wet. Keep adding waste to this pit every day. Use a shovel or a long stick to mix the waste every day. This will help the waste in getting mixed with the soil. You can also cover this pit with the help of a plastic sheet if you feel that it emits a foul smell. After approximately two months your compost would be ready to use. You can use it as a manure in any type of plant in your garden.  

    Melon Peel As Murabba

    use kitchen waste smartly murabba 

    Melons are of one of tastiest fruits (5 must-eat fruits in summer) one gets in summer. Full of nutrients and natural sweetness, melons instantly help in refreshing us. Though the inner fruit of the melon is eaten away, the outer shell is usually thrown away. Melon rind can be easily converted into murabba, which can be savoured for long.  

    Cut melon rinds into square or rectangular pieces. The shape of the rinds depends on how you prefer them. Place melon rinds in a bowl and add water to it. Put a 1-2 tablespoons of salt in it and refrigerate overnight. Now strain the water and add the pieces to a pan. Add 2-3 cups of sugar in the pan along with 2-3 cinnamon sticks and 5-6 cloves. Add one cup of white vinegar to the and put the pan on flame. Let it boil and then let it for simmer for 10 minutes. Once the melon rinds get tender remove it from the flame. Let the melon rinds stay in the same pan until it cools down. Now drain the water away and enjoy your sweet murabba.  

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    Lemon Skin Into Zest

    use kitchen waste smartly lemon zest

    Zest is basically a food flavouring which is made from scrapping lemon or orange. You can scrape your orange or lemon’s leftover skin and use the zest in your salad, soups or any other dish. Make sure you scrape just the surface and not go too deep while scarping. The inner skin of lemon or orange, which is white in colour is usually bitter in taste and can make the zest taste bad. You can either use your zest immediately or store it in your freezer.

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