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How To Celebrate Valentine's Day Pampering Yourself

Are you looking for ideas to pamper yourself in this Valentine’s week? We have enlisted fun recommendations.
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -02 Feb 2022, 18:09 ISTUpdated -02 Feb 2022, 18:35 IST
celebrate valentine's day

Contrary to popular beliefs, it is completely okay to spend Valentine’s week or day alone. The week is all about love. It could be the love among couples, parents, children and friends. Similarly, we can celebrate Valentine’s day alone pampering ourselves.

Why Loving Yourself Is Important?

In the quest of succeeding and do something great in our lives, we often forget to love and appreciate ourselves. We dismiss the thought of pampering ourselves and give up on taking care of our bodies while running around the house, finishing chores and attending to the needs of our families.

Therefore, this Valentine’s day, every woman, whether single, married or in a relationship should strive to take some time out and do what pleases. There are many activities that one can undertake and make the day about loving yourself and appreciating your individuality and achievements.

How To Pamper Yourself On Valentine’s Day?


Meditation helps to reduce stress and enhances self awareness. It helps anxious people control their anxiety and improves the attention span. It is one of the most preferred activities that many people undertake to shut their brains off and manage negative thoughts.

It helps to balance your emotional well-being and keeps you poised. People often meditate in the morning or before sleep. It helps them to reflect on various thoughts and helps to avoid making rash decisions.

woman meditating

Read A Book

If you are a bibliophile and have lost the connection with reading, the time is right to pick up a book by your favourite author and get lost in the magic of words. While reading has the ability to transport us to a new world, it is one of the most calming and enjoyable activities as well. 

It will help you experience serenity and peace. You can visit your favourite book store or go to a public library to surrender yourself to the intoxicating smells of the ink, pages and hardback of a book.

Take An Afternoon Nap

How long has it been since you took an afternoon nap? Curl up in your blanket, get cosy and enjoy a couple of hours of nap time. It will be a refreshing activity and will leave you feeling relaxed.

Take A Bubble Bath

A bubble bath is a way to relax at home without having to pay a handful in a spa or massage parlour. On Valentine’s day, you can enjoy a long bath with a good book and wine.

You can also burn incense sticks and fragrant candles. People often put a few rose petals in the water to set the ambience of the bathroom. You can use hot water for the bath and take your time to relax. If you do not have a bathtub, you can always go for a hot water bath. 

bubble bath

Schedule A Spa Session

Who does not like a relaxing massage session? On this Valentine’s weekend or day, you can book a massage session in a spa or call for an attendant from any online service. It will be fun, peaceful and relaxing.

You can also go to your favourite spa and choose a massage treatment from their menu. Most recreational centres have a soothing ambience that instantly calms your mind and allows you to unwind your body. 


If you have been missing your exercises or yoga session, Valentine’s day is perfect to indulge in this hardcore activity. Not only it will help you relax, but it will also help you kick-start your morning with a fresh mood.

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Watch A Movie

Another way to pamper yourself on this Valentine’s day is to do nothing but Netflix and chill. You can make some popcorns or order comfort food, sit on the couch and open any OTT platform.

You can rewatch an old classic, binge-watch your favourite episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or enjoy any new film or series. You can also watch stand-up comedy and enjoy a few laughs.

watch movies

Dine At Your Favourite Restaurant

Who said that you cannot dine alone? There is no rule that you have to take another person with you to enjoy your favourite meal or snack. You can choose to go at lunch or dinner time.

Most of us like to relish flavourful delicacies. Why not do that on that Valentine’s day. You can also order pizza, burger, pasta, chaat, curry, cake, waffles, pastries, pancakes or chocolate brownie to enjoy in your loungewear at home. 

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Plan A Solo Trip

For Valentine’s weekend, you can plan a small solo trip. It is not necessary that you go out of the city, climb a mountain or dive with fish. You can simply book a night stay in a lavish hotel or fun resort to spend some time in leisure. 

Have you made any plans for spending Valentine’s day alone? Plan an activity to pamper yourself and enjoy Valentine’s Day loving yourself. 

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