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Bridal Entry Ideas At Your Wedding To Make Heads Turn And Jaws Drop!

If you want to make your wedding stand out, implement these entry ideas on your big day!
  • Riddhi Kaushik
  • Editorial
Published -09 Jul 2021, 09:20 ISTUpdated -09 Jul 2021, 17:16 IST
wedzohow to make a unique entry on wedding day main

Wedding coming around? If not, well, it will come someday and when that day comes we do not want you to frantically look all over the internet for bridal tips. So, here we are again! With another article on our gorgeous brides and no, this one is not about makeup, dressing, photography and all those things that are already there on the net! This is about something that is much more important! How are you planning to enter your wedding? Before you say it, no! ‘Din Shagna Da’ is a beautiful song agreed but excessively overdone! Moreover, do you really want to enter your own wedding acting all shy and timid? Of course not! This is the day you have been waiting for so make your entry grand, tell them who the boss is! Opt for any of these wedding entries for yourself and be sure to make heads turn and jaws drop! 

Be The Biker Girl!

bride entering on a bike one

Image Credit: i.pinimg

There is nothing that shocks people more than a woman riding a bike except for a woman in a wedding dress riding a bike! That’s right! Make an entry on a bike, be sure to pick the noisiest one because the guests will be so shocked that they might not be able to make any noise for your entry, can’t blame them, really. Decorate your bike, ride it to the stage, ask your fiance to sit behind you, and take a round of the entire ground. Make people turn their heads in all directions to look at you and then park it near the stage. Get down gracefully and the show is over! 

The One With Your Lifelines

bride entry ideas with best friends sisters one

Image Credit: shaadidukaan

Your to-be husband is definitely important but not more than some people who are already there in your life, rent-free. Make an entry with your best friends/sisters in a jeep! Let them be in their element, let your fiance know that marrying you comes with extremely possessive best friends/sisters(read what you should wear if you are the bride's best friend)! Turn up the music of the jeep, dance, have fun like you are heading to your bachelor party! Let everyone know that even though you are the perfect bride when it comes to having fun, you never miss a chance! This entry will be the talk of the town for quite a few months!

Dance Your Way To The Mandap

Who said you can’t dance at your own wedding? While you enter your wedding on a slow, soft and soothing song, walking slowly while your brothers hold the chaadar over your head, and just when your inlaws think that they have landed a gem, change the beat to a peppy Bollywood song, dance your way in and let them know that this gem dances to kill! 

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Enter Like A Queen

bridal entry ideas with brothers in palki one

Image Credit: blog.theweddingbrigade

For all those years that you tied Rakhi to your brothers and did not get any gift, take it now and clear the debt! Entering with your brothers around you is a cliche, but a tradition. While we can’t say no to a tradition, who said we can’t spice up the cliche? Enter on a palanquin(palki) that your brothers will carry on their shoulders. For all those times your brothers claimed to be stronger than you, let them prove it here!

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Mesmerise Everyone With Your Boat Entry

bride entering on a boat idea wedding

Image credit: i.pinimg

This is our personal favourite and for all you beautiful brides who are not all in for the loud and daring entries. You want to be graceful, you want the slow entry but not the usual one. You do want to go out of the box but want your photographs to be beautiful and sophisticated. Here is the perfect idea for you but for this one you will have to make sure your wedding destination is near a waterbody. While everyone will be expecting you to come from the entrance, you come on a beautifully decorated boat. Let your fiance come as the boat stops, to give you a hand and get you out. This is going to be romantic, beautiful, experimental, and graceful all in one!

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