Cleaning is not something that we all love. In fact, most of us dread cleaning and the long hours that go behind it, only to sometimes fail big time. Hours of scrubbing and sweating sometimes leave more stains and marks on our hands than in the equipment we are cleaning. Are you someone who buys expensive cleaning products only to get disappointed by them over and over again? 

We present to you a list of five cleaning tricks that can be easily performed using baking soda and will reduce your hard work massively! 

Clean Fruits And Vegetables

cleaning fruits with baking soda

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Fruits and vegetables these days are not as fresh as we think they are. They are coated with layers of dust, dirt and wax. You can obviously not wash your fruits and veggies with dishwashing soap. Instead, we suggest you make a solution of ⅔ cup of water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Let your fruits and vegetables be immersed in the water for 10-15 minutes and then take them out and wash them well! 

Microwave And Oven 

cleaning microwaves and ovens with baking soda

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Because of the constant baking, dropping off materials and them getting burnt, our oven tends to get very dirty at times. What may otherwise take hours to scrub off can be cleaned easily with baking soda. Start with making a paste of baking soda and water. The consistency you are looking for is that of glue. Now pour it on your oven and brush it around with a toothbrush or a scrub. Let this sit for 4-5 hours and the baking soda will do its magic! 

Dirty Sponges

cleaning sponges with baking soda

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The one thing that you always use for cleaning are sponges. This is precisely why they get extremely dirty after a period of time. While you may think they are irreversibly dirty, baking soda will do the trick! All you have to do is make a paste of one cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda. Pour this liquid into a big bowl and place your dirty sponges in them. Let your sponges soak and then rinse them well! Squeeze the extra mixture off and wash well! 

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Unclog Your Drain 

We have all faced the nightmares of clogged drains. The stink they leave behind, the water that gets accumulated and the overall unhygienic vibe that they emit all together make this experience the worst for us. To get rid of the deposits that have developed inside our drains that may make it dirty and smelly, make a liquid of vinegar, baking soda and lemon. Add ½ cup of vinegar, ⅓ cup of baking soda and 6-7 tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix well and pour this mixture down your clogged drains. Next, pour down boiling hot water into your drain and voila! All the deposits would have dissolved now. 

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Deep Clean Your Toilet Bowl 

This is the most used and likely to be the most unhygienic part of your house. The toilet bowl can get dirty and extremely stinky. What you need to do is, take baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in a 1:1 ratio and mix well. Rub this solution all over your commode with a toilet scrub. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then wash it off to get a clean commode

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