We all are worried about our future as our entire life depends on it. And even though, living in the moment is what we all should learn, there is no harm in preparing yourself for tomorrow. Pt. Ramesh Bhojraj Dwivedi who is a renowned astrologer told us about how the month of August will be for all zodiacs as per the stars and planetary positions.


  • Work- There will be some tense situations in the work area for the people of this zodiac. The work requires serious attention. New experiments in business will be successful and effective.
  • Finances- The economic condition will be better than before, invest in stocks, etc. only after thinking carefully.
  • Health - There may be stomach-related problems, special attention is needed to what you eat.
  • Education- The people of Aries zodiac are seen to be distracted from education and studies. Practice meditation(basic meditation tips) to focus better.
  • Relationship- Your spouse will be supportive of your work, this month will be special for you.
  • Family- The health of an old family member could worsen. However, the blessings of your parents will help you.


taurus august

  • Work- The people of this zodiac will earn profit in business with their intelligence. Employed persons should be careful while dealing with strangers.
  • Finances- There will be ups and downs in the life of the people of this zodiac throughout the month. Do not trust anyone in terms of money.
  • Health- Health will improve but you should be careful while driving vehicles.
  • Education- You will be more serious in the matter of study and will take education diligently.
  • Relationship- Your equation with your spouse will remain optimal this month.
  • Family-The problems related to your children will finally find a solution.


  • Work- You will have to take tough decisions in your work life.
  • Finances- The economic situation will be better than before, the bank balance may increase.
  • Health- Health will be good and you will get rid of long-term problems.
  • Education - No compromise will be made in the field of education.
  • Relationship- Relationship with spouse will be sweet.
  • Family-Relatives and family life will be normal.


cancer august

  • Work-There are chances of getting better benefits in the field of work and the chances of getting success in the job are fairly high.   
  • Finances- The bank balance of the people of this zodiac will increase, the relationship between money and work area will improve.
  • Education- You will be focused on your career.
  • Relationship - There is a possibility of some disputes between husband and wife.
  • Family - The health of elders will improve. And relations with the family will grow.


  • Work- Your work will grow extensively this month and you might gain a lot in business too.
  • Finances- For the people of this zodiac, the finances will be very unstable in the month of August. So, you need to control your expenses.
  • Health - There is a need to control the diet and routine. There may be health issues during travel.
  • Education- People studying outside have chances of getting success in the field of education.
  • Relationship- This month is great from the relationship point of view as you will observe growth in love with your partner.
  • Family - There will be full support of the family.


virgo august

  • Work - This month, the conditions regarding work will remain erratic and the work pressure might increase.
  • Finances- You might feel that your hard work isn't paying off and this will Make you restless and anxious.
  • Health- Manage your daily routine and eating habits.
  • Education- You will feel more energetic than before and this month will prove to be good for the students.
  • Relationship-There are signs of mutual differences. Relatives may criticize you along with your spouse because of some other family member.

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  • Work- Work will be slow due to which there are chances of disappointment.
  • Finances- Do not trust anyone in terms of money, there may be a loss.
  • Health- You will get benefits from long-term diseases and will be more conscious about your health.
  • Education- This month is good for the students, they will take interest in their studies and will end up gaining more knowledge.
  • Family - Family will be your priority and children will obey your orders. You will be successful in taking any important decision related to children.


scorpio august

  • Work- You will be successful in taking new decisions because of which your work will grow.
  • Finances - For people of this zodiac, there is a need to have fewer expenses and more income. Avoid extravagance, otherwise, the financial situation may worsen(tips to save money from online shopping).
  • Health- There are chances of minor diseases, so try to be very careful.
  • Education - People of this zodiac will move ahead in the field of education with full dedication keeping in mind their goal.
  • Family- There could be a tense situation between you and your in-laws.


  • Work- There will be a plan for expansion in the field of work. Work that has been stuck for a long time will be completed quickly.
  • Finances - The economic side will be strong and there are chances of advancement in the job.
  • Health- Take your medicines regularly and do not be careless.
  • Education- You will get success in the field of study.
  • Relationships- This month you need to be mindful of relationships, someone can take advantage of your innocence.
  • Family- Be aware of the health of the family, especially parents and elders. You can make some big decisions for children.


capricon august

  • Work -Despite working hard you might get lesser results in work. But keep in mind to be in harmony with your superiors.
  • Finances - The economic condition will be better than before and there are chances of getting a movable and immovable property.
  • Health- There are signs of diseases due to a lack of attention to health. Take care of yourself, do yoga, and reduce stress with meditation.
  • Relationships - There are chances of good relations with friends. There can be a tense situation between lovers.
  • Family- Family will be your priority this month. You will try to fight for the fulfillment of every wish of the family members.


  • Work- Everyone will praise your work and you might also get a big order.
  • Finances- Money stuck somewhere will come back to you. But be careful before while investing in any sector.
  • Health- Apart from being troubled by seasonal diseases, you also have to take care of the small problems.
  • Education-Students will be interested in studies.
  • Relationships - The scope of relationships will increase and you will get success in love affairs.
  • Family- Your family members will reflect each other’s thoughts and actions, which could be both good and bad.


  • Work - You will get new opportunities in the job.  Promotion along with a new responsibility may be in line.
  • Finances- Financial conditions will be better than before but avoid lending to anyone.
  • Health- There will be some tiredness but you will remain healthy. 
  • Education-There will be an emphasis on education and you will study new subjects.
  • Relationship - Do not let the effect of love affairs hinder your career and education in the month of August.
  • Family - In any situation, you will give full support to the family and the feeling of mutual cooperation will increase.

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So, we hope this will help you get ready to embrace the upcoming month with better preparation and positivity. For more such pieces, stay tuned to Her Zindagi.