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    5 Astro Tips To Get A Job Quickly

    These astrological remedies by astro expert will help you remove any obstacles from your professional life. 
    Updated at - 2021-07-07,17:57 IST
    astrology remedies to get job

    Getting a job isn't that easy, especially today when everyone is so competitive. People hunt for a job day and night but often fail to get the job they desire. At times, luck isn't in your favour and you have to face a lot of hardships. 

    We asked Astrologer Sonia Malik to share some astrological remedies that can help you find a job quickly. 

    The expert shared that Saturn or Shani is the planet that rules the professional life of a person in a horoscope. Those who do not have a strong presence of Lord Saturn in their horoscope suffer from obstacles in their professional life. Some astrological remedies can help fight the ill effects of planet Saturn in the horoscope and help you have a smooth career. 

    Feed Crows

    An easy remedy to get a job quickly is feeding the crows. Though you can feed them anything, it is highly beneficial to feed them boiled rice. This astrological remedy helps pacify the ill effects of Saturn in the horoscope and helps you get better opportunities. 

    Visit Shani Temple, Light Diya At Peepal Tree

    remedies for job

    Saturday is dedicated to Lord Saturn or Shani. So, visit Lord Shani temple everyday and worship Lord Shani. Also, light a diya at a peepal tree. Take the sacred red thread along. Tie it around the tree three times and wish for your dream job. This remedy will show really quick results and you will see doors opening for you one after the other. 

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    Recite Lord Shani Strotra

    Lord Shani is also known as the God Of Justice because he gives fruits to the person according to his/her actions. A person who doesn't have a good placement of Lord Shani in their horoscope fails to succeed even after working hard. To prevent the Mahadasha of Lord Shani from affecting your career, one should recite Shani Strotra. 

    According to a legend, King Dasharatha was told by an astrologer that he will have to suffer from 12-years of Lord Shani Mahadhasha which would negatively affect his life. He then went to Lord Shani and recited Shani Strotra to please God. Lord Shani was pleased hearing it and he freed him from all the punishments of his Mahadasha. 

    Donate Black Coloured Items

    astro jobs

    It is believed that Lord Shani likes black colour and thus people looking for a job should be donating useful items to the needy which are black in colour like black shoes, blankets, sheets or umbrellas. This remedy helps in removing Shani Dosha from the horoscope. 

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    Offer Water To Lord Sun

    Offering water to Lord Sun after taking a bath is also considered beneficial if you are looking for a job. In a copper vessel, add some water and a pinch of haldi or turmeric and then offer it to Lord Sun.

    While offering water to Lord Sun, chant the mantra, 'Om Hreem Suryaaye Namaha' 11 times. This remedy is also beneficial for those trying for a government job for a long time. 

    We hope that these astrological remedies help you get a job quickly. However, remember that some things happen for good and only when the time is right. So, make sure you keep working hard and stay positive. 

    For more such astrological remedies, stay tuned!



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