Deep frying can be extremely messy and unhealthy at the same time. It requires cleaning oil from the stove and the pan. Also, deep frying means extra oil and it can make your hands greasy while eating, so, it requires to clean your hands as well. On the other hand, air fryer is a much better option. It requires very less oil; thus it gives you less calories. 

This definitely eases your work but doesn’t totally finishes your work. If you are air frying your food, then the oil can drip into the pill-out drawer. You may not notice it for the first few batches but after some time you may smell odor or see smoke. This can also spoil the machine.

Hence, it is necessary to clean your air fryer regularly. If you don’t know how to do that, then don’t worry. We are here to tell you how to clean an air fryer. 

How To Clean An Air Fryer

Different air fryers require different kind of care and attention. Although, we are here with a general guide on how to clean an air fryer.

clean air fryer

Don’t Delay

If you will laze around and delay the process of cleaning, then it will be a whole lot difficult to clean your air fryer. Don’t let the crumbs or grease sit overnight in your air fryer or you’ll regret it later. Clean the basket and drawer when it is somewhat hot and it will be easier to clean as compared to the next morning.

Use Warm And Soapy Water

Clean the food basket and drawer using warm and soapy water. You can use a soft sponge or a piece of cloth to clean. If the food is stuck on the machine, then soak it in warm water and dish detergent. Then clean and the stuck food will come off easily.

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Use Wooden Skewer Or Toothpick

Use a wooden skewer or toothpick to remove the food stuck in the basket’s holes. This way you can easily clean without getting your hands dirty.

Damp Cloth Dipped In Soapy Water

sponge air fryer

Remove the basket and the drawer. Now use a damp cloth dipped in soapy water to clean the insides of the air fryer. Clean any grease or food crumbs. After cleaning with damp cloth, dry the equipment and reassemble it.

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Use a damp cloth or a sponge to wipe the exteriors of the equipment. Then dry it off and your air fryer is completely clean.

How Often You Should Clean It

cook air fryer

After Every Use

You should wash the basket, tray and pan with soap and warm water after every use without any delay. Now, dry all the parts and reassemble the air fryer for the next use. This way you won’t spoil your equipment and can use it for a long time.

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After Every Few Uses

It is not necessary to clean the exterior after every use but you should do it once in a while. Use a damp cloth to wipe it. Also, check for any residue in the heating coil. If you find something, then wipe it with a damp cloth and this will ensure the proper functioning of your equipment. 

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