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    10 Surprising Things That Contain Animal Extracts In Their Ingredients

    From our kitchen to the bedroom, there are many items which we use on daily basis. But did you know that most of them are made of animal products? let...
    • Archana Kasana
    • Editorial
    Published - 21 May 2021, 13:30 ISTUpdated - 21 May 2021, 13:23 IST
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    Being a vegan is a personal choice; people give up on food and products derived from animals to go completely vegan. But in reality, is it possible? There might be several things lying around you in your house that contains animal products, and you’re probably using them daily.  Don’t believe us? Take a look at the below mentioned items, to see the shocking number of products which has animal extracts in their ingredients.



    Many beer brands use collagen named isinglass during the clarification process. Isinglass is gelatin that is derived from a fish bladder.


    perfume animal cons

    Sorry to break your hearts, but there are few perfumes especially the one with a vanilla fragrance that has castoreum in its ingredients. Castoreum is a substance derived from the beavers' castor sacs.



    Crayons are made up of Stearic acid which is a type of wax that helps in keeping the crayons hard and solid to hold. The crayons are mostly made of animal products, and the famous smell of the crayons is also of the processed beef fat.

    4Red Candies Or Jelly

    gelly candies

    The red candies and jelly are often made using artificial coloring. This artificial coloring is formed with a substance called carmine. The carmine is prepared by crushing the dried shells of the red cochineal beetle.



    Capsules are mostly made using gelatin which is derived from animal collagen. Many gelatins are also made up of animal’s bones and skins.

    6Shampoo or Conditioner


    Many popular shampoo brands contain animal extracts in their products such as keratin. The most talked-about keratin used in shampoos or conditioners is often derived from the horns and scales of various animals.

    7Nail Paint

    nail paint animal

    The shimmery and glittery nail paints or lipsticks consist of guanine which is obtained from fish scales.


    toothpaste anila

    Toothpaste contains animal byproducts like glycerine in its ingredients, which may be obtained from animal fats.

    9Makeup Brushes

    make up brushes animal

    Most of the soft bristle brushes that we love using for blending our makeup are made from the hair of animals like minks and squirrels.


    soap animal

    Soaps are again one of the most used products on daily basis. Most of the soaps are prepared using glycerine and Stearic acid both derived from animal fats.