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    Vastu Tips For Your Bathroom, Toilets

    Construct, redecorate your bathroom for positive vibes with these Vastu tips. 
    Updated at - 2021-05-21,13:04 IST
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    If you believe in Vastu Shastra and want to make sure that your home has all the positive energy it can have then you must make sure that your bathroom and toilet as well is according to the Vastu rules. To avoid any source of negativity in the house, follow these 10 tips. 


    To support the elimination of waste, make sure that your bathroom is constructed in the northwest section of the house. 

    Door Quality, Material

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    Many do not realise this but the quality of your bathroom door matters a lot. You must invest in a good, wooden door instead of a metal one for your bathroom as a metal door fosters negative vibes which impact your health in many ways. 

    Keeping It Closed

    Always keep the door of your bathroom closed sp that no negativity swarms into your home and there are no obstacles in your career and personal relationships. 


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    Do not adorn the bathroom door with any religious idols or decorative statues. 

    The Wall

    Your toilet should not be sharing the wall with the bedroom, kitchen or puja room as per Vastu. It as per Vastu creates negative vibes. It is also said that if your bed shares the wall with the toilet, you have nightmares. 

    Washbasin Direction

    As per Vastu, the right direction for your shower area and washbasin is the east, north and northeast part of the bathroom. 

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    Water, Drainage Outlet

    Make sure that the outlet of water and drainage in the bathroom and toilet is constructed in the north, east or northeast direction. the floor should slope in the same direction as well. 

    Toilet Seat Placement

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    According to Vastu, it should be placed in the northwest or west direction as that eliminates toxins and wastes from the body. 

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    Exhaust Fan

    The bathroom window and the exhaust must face northeast or east direction as that allows fresh air and sunlight. Ventilation is very important.

    Colours For Your Toilet

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    The best colours for a bathroom interior are hues of beige, brown and cream and other earthy shades. Do not pick dark blue or black. 

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